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‘Sizzler’ Creates Year-End Trend: ‘Kao Jirayu’ as New Brand Ambassador to scope all age groups – Believes sales grow during long holiday as expected

Sizzler reinforces its position as a top-quality restaurant in the heart of Thais that caters to all groups of consumers for almost 30 years, with a new official brand ambassador “Kao Jirayu La-ongmanee”.

Kao Jirayu is a talented actor and singer with all-rounded character and abilities remembered by people of all ages, who is suitable to convey the image of Sizzler as a top-quality restaurant brand for people of all ages that can be easily accessed across the country. In addition, Sizzler has a policy to continuously develop services to meet the needs of customers in all aspects; along with the creation and development of new menus, continuously launching marketing promotions, and developing delivery and pick-up services as well as expanding branches to cover the whole country. Sizzler expected that this will be able to generate sales growth by the end of the year.

Mr Kreetakorn Siriatha, General Manager of SLRT Limited Company; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Plc.; a restaurant operator under the brand Sizzler, stated that to reinforce a position as a top-quality restaurant serving alongside Thai people for a long time, Sizzler has launched a new brand ambassador, “Kao-Jirayu La-ongmanee”, a talented young actor and singer familiar to all Thai people of all ages with a good image and a friendly character. These qualities inside Kao-Jirayu will help convey the story and quality of Sizzler to reach the target customers in a better and clearer manner. It is expected to help boost sales growth by the end of the year.

In this regard, ‘Sizzler’ is a leading restaurant brand that entered the Thai market for almost 30 years from 1992 until the now, having received a good response all along with a continuous expansion of branches. Based on the latest information, there are 57 branches nationwide covering both dine-in, delivery and pick-up services. In 2022, Sizzler still has the policy to develop various services to meet the needs of customers in all aspects, including the creation and development of new menus adding a twist to Sizzler’s signature salad bar, to provide a variety of food throughout the year, Mr Kreethakon concluded.

For more information, please contact Sizzler Public Relations Department at Tel: 02-365-6934 or visit the Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/SizzlerThai or website: www.sizzler.co.th

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