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Skål Sets Sail In Style

MIAMI: Members of Skål International from around the world gathered in Miami this week for the 80th Annual Skål International World Congress.

A warm welcome was extended to 500 Skålleagues and their family and friends from around the world by the local Miami Club.

Skål International Miami, founded in 1950, is a diverse Skål Club with vibrant cultures and the title Cruise Capital of the World, many international tourist boards and hospitality companies call Miami home.

The 2019 Skål World Congress is being held on the largest and most innovative cruise ship ever conceived, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas.

The Congress which runs from 14-21 September 2029 will provide its delegates with opportunities for building business relationships and friendships and opportunities to share ideas and business practices with fellow Skålleagues in both formal and informal business sessions.

In her opening address Skål Internacional President Lavonne Wittman said, “ I am so proud of being a member of the largest travel and tourism industry in the world and the only one that represents every sector of our industry.

“I have shared my presidential theme throughout this year in my messages and there is no ideal time than now to re affirm this message!


“This is Skal’s unique selling point, this is our strength and this will be the deciding factor that will make us stand out in the crowd, that will make us attractive to our industry, that will bond us together like no other organization in history. 

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome my Executive Committee Peter, Teresa, Fiona (not present), Bill, and Vijay along with Marja ISC President, CEO Daniela Otero, our Past Presidents, and the LOC of Miami. 

“I welcome also the ISC Board, Councillors, National Presidents, Club Presidents, members and guests, it has been an incredible honour to be your World President this year.”

During the opening ceremony the winners of Skål International Sustainable Tourism Awards 2019 were announced. From Thailand Yanna Ventures’ Anurak Community Lodge won the award for Rural Accommodation.

Finally in a hotly contested competition Bangkok won the 2019 Skål Club of the Year Award with Rome in second place and Northern New Jersey in third. 

Andrew J Wood 

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