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SKP RUN 2019 at Stree Phuket School

Satree Phuket School hosted the 2019 edition of the SKP RUN, which saw thousands in attendance.

Phuket is recognised as one of Thailand’s most popular destinations for running, hosting several marathons and charity runs over the course of a year. The recent SKP RUN 2019, which took place on September 29th 2019, was organised by representatives from the Satree Phuket School in a bid to raise funds to develop their education programmes and facilities.

The marathon itself was divided into three distinct categories, each ranging in length and difficulty in order to be inclusive of all those wishing to run: there was the 3.4 kilometre run, 6 kilometre run and 10.4 kilometre run. The event began with an opening ceremony that honoured Mr. Pakpong Thawiphat, the Governor of Phuket. Then, over 3,000 participants began preparing for the races that took place over the course of the day. As a whole, the event was enjoyed my many and hailed as a success.

For further information, please contact 076 397 777 Email : H9932@accor.com

For more information visit https://bit.ly/2p5hJMC

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