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STIEBEL ELTRON launches Safe-Save series to help customers during the COVID-19 crisis

STIEBEL ELTRON has released a new series of water heaters which help consumers save water and reduce bills while getting the best warm shower every day. As consumers become more price conscious, STIEBEL ELTRON has committed to maintaining world class standards with German engineering technology while being able to satisfy consumer’s need for good value, strong design and the best functionality with the launch of the Safe-Save series.

The Safe-Save series is designed for Thai families, singles and first jobbers who appreciate the highest German design standards. According to a study, a significant number of consumers prefer shower heaters priced at below 3,500 baht, and with the launch of these three new models STIEBEL ELTRON is aiming to expand its market reach and attract a new group of consumers to the brand. STIEBEL ELTRON is targeting Northern and Northeast regions with these models initially, before expanding other regions in Thailand. The launch of this series allows STIEBEL ELTRON to expand its user base to new, price-sensitive customers.

The DE E, AQE and WS E-2 models feature STIEBEL ELTRON’s own ELSD (Electric Leakage Safety Device) which can prevent electric shocks while showering. It activates less than 0.03 seconds after the system detects more than 10 milliamp of electricity leakage, ensuring every member

of the family is kept safe while showering. In addition to boasting safety features, STIEBEL ELTRON’s water heaters also offer an invigorating shower experience with easy-to-use functions and simple temperature adjustment via a rotary power control knob. The designs are simple and in compact size, suitable for bathrooms of any size either in a home or a condo.

“We have released three models for customers who are looking for a water heater for their home during the COVID-19 crisis. Designed with saving water and reduce electricity bills in mind, we have reduced the price of three models by 20 percent to help customers while the economy recovers. We’ve done this without compromising on quality German manufacturing standards found in all of our products and we are confident these three models will meet customer needs in every way, as they each bring high levels of safety, value and comfort to owners. Customers can enjoy reduced prices when buying these products,” said Roland Hoehn, Managing Director of STIEBEL ELTRON Asia.

The DE E model has a compact size, minimal design and weights just one kilogram, making it very adaptable to all sizes of bathroom. It’s perfect for smaller bathrooms, and equally at home in large spaces if owners want a more subtle look. Temperature is easily controlled by rotating a single dial making it easy to turn the heat up, or down, depending on the season. Ensuring your shower looks good, the shower head design matches the water heater. The DE E model is the ideal choice for customers looking for an easy, fuss-free water heater and is available for 3500 and 4500 Watt from 2,190 to 2,290 baht.

The AQE model has an adjustable height bar making it ideal for a family of all ages and sizes. In line with this, its larger size and the accessories of slide bar and soap tray make it suitable for larger, family bathrooms. This well-designed durable water heater is available for 3500 and 4500 Watt from 2,490 to 2,590 baht.

The WS E-2 water heater is a sleek, elegant design and boasts more advanced features, including anti-scalding and overheating protection with a double action thermostat. It’s two-tone appearance and chromium shower head make it stand out for its good looks, and its additional 5500 watts that of power allows it to heat water faster. Despite more advanced features the WS E-2 model starts at just 3,190 – 3,590 baht with 3500, 4500 and 5500 Watt.

To educate customers on the joy of showering with STIEBEL ELTRON a video about the Safe-Save Series called the ‘Voice of Warmth’, or ‘Arb Oon Jai, Krai Kor Tong Rorng’ has been produced. The whole campaign, promoted online and on radio, is targeted at customers in Bangkok, the North and Northeast of Thailand. All products are within 3,590 baht.

With a focus on ‘safety, worth and comfort’ STIEBEL ELTRON’s latest range of reliable and efficient water heaters are ideal for anyone looking to refresh their shower experience. Each of the three models in the series have a corrosion free heating element that offers a longer lifespan, adding more value to the products. The Safe-Save series water heaters will be available to purchase through distributor’s online channels, eCommerce platforms, as well as at distributor’s storefronts.

Please visit STIEBEL ELTRON official website for more information on the models in the series and other products. Click here to purchase and enter “STIEPRCSE” in the store discount code field to redeem a discount.

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