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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Sunplay Bang Saray prepares to launch Sunplay Club kitchen

Sunplay Asia is pleased to announce the Sunplay Club kitchen is ramping up for operations preparing scrumptious meals for staff using ingredients handpicked from its very own organic garden.

Fresh herbs and vegetables are the order of the day carefully chosen by the culinary team who plan a three-month planting rotation schedule to ensure that the very best in-season produce is available. Currently there are 60 different items in the schedule including for example 12 different types of tomatoes to create succulent salads.

The team also goes to the local seafood market to select the catch of the day from local fishermen with Bang Saray rock lobster, tiger prawns and sea bass regularly featuring in the best of the daily fruits of the sea.

Sunplay Club is the centerpiece of the 28-hectare tropical hillside estate committed to providing the highest standards of facilities and service to its members and the residents of Sunplay Bang Saray.

Sunplay Club recently joined the International Associate Clubs (IAC) network of 250 clubs in 40 countries worldwide, providing members access to prestigious fellow clubs across the globe.

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