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Sustainability in everyday hotel life: a look behind the scenes

In our partner hotels, sustainability is lived every day and can be felt in all areas of the hotel. This is made possible by the people behind the scenes, from hotel managers to kitchen assistants. In our newsletter, you can read about what motivated the hoteliers to found and manage a sustainable hotel.

Green Black Forest

The SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA in Bad Herrenalb has been sustainably oriented for over 15 years. What began as a search for a unique selling point has now become “the preservation of health and the basis of life for all of us on our common host of the earth”, says hotelier and hotel owner Stephan Bode. For him, sustainability is far more than a voluntary commitment; it has become part of his everyday life and and is for him as natural as sleeping or eating.

“The nice thing is that with our sustainable and holistic commitment we help to preserve our world every day anew and get it back through an organically growing booking behavior of our guests, which is much more beautiful and fulfilling than the purely economic success”, reports Stephan Bode. This is only possible because the staff at the SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA also give their best every day and support the green concept wholeheartedly.

Climate positive, creative and innovative in Bavaria

The Creativhotel Luise in the heart of Erlangen is one of the most environmentally friendly city hotels in Germany. The climate-positive hotel has been a pioneer in environmental awareness for over 25 years. Ben Förtsch, the third generation of the Förtsch family to manage the Creativhotel, is aware of his responsibility. Creatively and innovatively he sets new impulses: “We would like to pass on our enthusiasm for a sustainable lifestyle without raising an index finger.”

Sustainability becomes visible in the Creativhotel, for example, with the “Renewable Hotel Room”: The room is made of 100% biodegradable or 100% recyclable materials – without sacrificing comfort and modern design.”Real quality only exists if it does not harm anyone,” Ben Förtsch confirms.

In harmony with nature in Piedmont

The Locanda Mistral is nestled in the unspoiled nature of the Maira Valley in Piedmont, and it is precisely this valley and nature that the hotel founders Renato and Manuela Botte are committed to protecting. “For me, sustainability means keeping the Maira Valley alive in the future”, says Manuela Botte. Many initiatives come from the two owners themselves, such as the waste separation system they have introduced, even though the local municipality has not yet managed to do so.

Economical and sustainable action in the Havelland

Twenty years ago, Michael Stober and his wife bought a dilapidated ruin in the Havelland region that was steeped in history. With a vision, a lot of commitment and an investment, they created the climate-friendly conference, event and hotel location Landgut Stober. “Sustainability doesn’t cost more, it brings more – namely quality of life and a longer lifespan”, says Micheal Stober. For him, it is important to think economically and sensibly in the long term – which for him logically leads to a switch to the Economy for the Common Good, of which the Landgut Stober is a part.

Something that is also clear at Landgut Stober: True sustainability can only succeed if everyone is involved. Michael Stober proudly tells us that the idea of sustainability is not only his vision but also a combined company focus supported by the whole team. “Sustainability is not an add-on here, but an integral part of all our actions”, says the hotel owner.

Environmental responsibility in Berchtesgadener Land

Hotel owner Hannes Lichtmannegger from Berghotel Rehlegg acknowledges that this does not happen overnight: “At the beginning, we were desperately looking for suppliers and producers for Berghotel Rehlegg. Today many of them are already approaching us on their own.”

The Berghotel Rehlegg has been managed by Hannes and Franz Lichtmannegger since 2000, the third generation of managers with an eventful past, full of traditions and stories. The Lichtmannegger family is aware of its responsibility towards nature and the beauty of the alpine region and strives for a sustainable and environmentally friendly economy. Back in 1998, it was awarded the title of “National Park Friendly Hotel” and to this day the values of sustainability, tradition, and hospitality are cultivated and passed on from generation to generation.

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