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Tang Contemporary Art presents: Group Exhibition: Butterfly Eyes

Tang Contemporary Art is pleased to present “Butterfly Eyes,” a group exhibition running from June 22 to August 11, 2024, at the Bangkok Space, curated by Sherry Wang. This exhibition highlights the works of six contemporary artists from Thailand and Indonesia: Alexander Sebastianus Hartanto, Berbrain (Bernandi Desanda), Ines Katamso, Panchat Yodmanee, Tos Suntos, and Xiuching Tsay.

In the chapter “Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease” of Zhuangzi, Zhuangzi wrote about his dream of being a butterfly, contemplating the blurred boundary between reality and dreams, and questioning the authenticity of life. The concept of “transformation of things” refers to attributing non-material concepts or beliefs to objects, giving them significance beyond their physical properties. This is a key idea in Zhuangzi’s philosophy. The works of the six young artists featured in this exhibition reflect on existentialism and personal experience, exploring the real and the illusory, the tangible and the spiritual.

In Eastern cultural contexts, dreams are akin to the reality seen through a butterfly’s eyes. The scenes in the artworks reflect the artists’ past experiences in reality. Ines Katamso employs her signature mineral materials in her creations, where the flow of patterns and unique texture of the materials merge, enhancing the depiction of objective objects. This expresses a reverence for the environment and life and the uniqueness of local culture. Berbrain (Bernandi Desanda) draws inspiration from subjects he finds intriguing; his images appear as incarnations of various animals, monsters, and fantastical beings, imbuing these novel creatures with unique vitality, roaming freely in the dreamscape, full of passion and energy. Tos Suntos, influenced by environmental culture, integrates retro and pop culture into his creations, showcasing an existence that transcends time and space. Alexander Sebastianus Hartanto uses the decontextualization of material culture, with the collision of batik, printing, and cotton outlining a unique visual feast. Xiuching Tsay interweaves colors and lines to create a vibrant visual image of reason and romance, influenced by diverse ecologies and digitalization. Panchat Yodmanee attempts to depict the fantasy and emotions in the subconscious, with a serene yet powerful penetration that breaks the boundary between reality and illusion.

The artists’ understanding of the diversity and complexity of the real world allows them to create a free-flowing atmosphere by utilizing the texture of the materials themselves. The works, after shedding some inherent contexts, emit new vitality, resembling the eyes of a butterfly, transcending individual boundaries, encompassing all things, and reflecting infinite spiritual freedom and transcendence.

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