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Tetra Pak Joins Circular Economy Seminar from Concept to Practice Organised by NXPO

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, joined the 2nd Circular Economy Seminar: From Concept to Practice, organised by NXPO or Office of National Higher Education Science Research and Innovation Policy Council. Tetra Pak participated in the “Development of Suitable Used Packaging Management for Thailand” session. The session was led by Dr. Sujitra Vassanadumrongdee, Senior Researcher at the Environmental Research Institute.

The seminar was a part of a more comprehensive research program analysing different options and policy proposals for the low-carbon circular economy and innovation in packaging recyclability. Mr. Patinya Silsupadol, Sustainability Director, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited, joined the seminar and shared Tetra Pak’s ambition as the leading food and beverage packaging manufacturer and their advocacy in proper  packaging waste management systems. He also discussed the company’s overseas experience in supporting the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) concept.

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