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Tetra Pak Reveals ‘Trendipedia’ 2022 — a Report on Changes in Consumer Trends

Tetra Pak, a world-leading processing and packaging solutions company, revealed the interim report of ‘Trendipedia’ 2022. In this report Tetra Pak gives an update on three key consumer shifts which are Stay in Control, Break Out & Re-Experience, and Explore OMNI-Spaces.  Packed with examples to bring inspiration of what can be done in each space, the Trendipedia 2022 is set to help businesses gain a competitive advantage by enabling them to quickly react to the changes and adapt to the needs of consumers to show that they care.

At the beginning of 2022, societies slowly began to re-open after lockdowns. Consumers were eager to socialise again and experience life outside of their homes and to regain balance in their lives. However, things quickly took an unexpected turn, and the future is again looking different than expected. A new war fuelling inflation and resource scarcity in an already stressed supply chain. Consumers are now facing rising costs of living. However, this new world order of fast-paced changes, can also be a good incubator for innovation. Post- pandemic market recovery initiatives are often pointing towards greener solutions, to make industries and economies more resilient. Now, more than ever, it is important to understand consumers and how their priorities are changing, and to stay relevant when consumers more consciously vote with their wallet.

The 2021 consumer trends are still relevant in 2022. In this interim report of Tetra Pak’s Trendipedia particularly highlights the importance of the three major shifts. The first one is “Stay in Control” which in times of uncertainty, consumers crave a sense of control over their lives and the key concerns are health, planet, and finances.

The trend of “Stay in Control” explores how consumers are dealing with pandemic-induced feelings of uncertainty and now desire to take control in the ways available to them. Food and drink brands have the complex task of conveying clear and reliable guidance so that a product will meet consumers’ priorities. Brands can empower consumers to stay in control of their food or drink purchases through transparency — whether it’s on pack information about the product’s health benefits, ingredient sourcing or progress about their sustainability commitments,” said Pongsanguan Jiradechakul, Associate Director, India and Thailand Lifestyle Research, Mintel.

The second macro-shift of 2022, called Break Out & Re-Experience”. Consumers seek happiness and playfulness as a respite from stress, they want food and drinks that are fun, can engage the senses and expand to new occasions — including online worlds and virtual experiences.  “Consumers are eager to break out of their confines and explore, play, and embrace new experiences, both physical and digital. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, feeling good has become a desired outcome for most interactions, whether with a product or a person,” said Sutthinun Taechathayanon, Marketing Manager, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited.

The third shift identified by Tetra Pak’s report is called “Explore OMNI-Spaces”. The home will continue to be a sanctuary for many people — consumers have tried home-cooking and recognise the benefits. In-home convenience was a strong trend during the pandemic, where all meals often took place under the same roof. Meal kits and online food delivery surged, as consumers looked for ways to ease the burden under pressured times. That explosive growth is over, and the industry may even see some slowdown, but consumers’ ordering habits are likely to stick.

“The pandemic made people appreciate the value of human connection, but it also showed the convenience of online shopping”, said Sangsom Bualamyai, Country Business Navigation Manager of Ikano (Thailand) Limited. “Brands can respond to this by blending the best of physical and online spaces. We will see more retailers adapt to this trend and create blended environments which would seamlessly combine both online and offline elements”.

“The shifts in consumer behaviour have major implications for the food and beverage industry,” said Supanat Ratanadib, Marketing Director, Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited. “2022 consumer shifts are putting further emphasis on convenient packaging for both in-home consumption as well as on-the-go. Products suitable for snacking occasions in the flexible lives of consumers will need to be easy to open, resealable packages which prevent spillage when used. Food service channels, although require larger pack sizes which are easy to store and stack. So, we can see that the trends point towards more innovative and convenient packaging solutions across all sectors.”

The interim report of the 2022 Trendipedia will be shared with Tetra Pak’s customers to ensure they are onboard with these consumer shifts.

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