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Thai Vietjet Leads with AOT Biometric System Integration!

With the successful implementation of the Smart Path system for the check-in of the flight VZ626 from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) to Singapore, Thai Vietjet has become the first airline that initiated the ‘Smart Path,’ an automated biometric identification system developed by the Airport Authority of Thailand (AOT), further elevating its passenger travel experience,

The “Smart Path” is an automated biometric identification system that makes use of facial recognition technology to quickly confirm a passenger’s identity at various verification touch-points before departure.

The ‘Smart Path’ enables passengers to complete the necessary procedures at the airport in a way that is more practical, accurate, and time-saving.

Passengers are only required to grant the permit for the use of their identification information while checking in at the check-in counter to allow the system to collect their identification information and generate a set of data called “One ID”  that includes their personal identification information, biometric identification, travel itinerary, and travel token, which can be enrolled and verified within a few seconds. The One ID will be utilized for passenger identity verification during all the pre-departure processes, including, pre-security screening and self-serviced boarding, without the necessary to present their personal identification document and boarding pass.

In the early, Thai Vietjet will implement the Smart Path system for the check-in of flight VZ626 from Bangkok to Singapore until 28 October 2023. Then, starting from 29 October 2023, the airline will implement the system for check-in of flight VZ624 from Bangkok to Singapore.

Thai Vietjet has been actively expanding its capability to facilitate its passengers throughout their travel journey, elevating passenger experience from booking the tickets until landing at their destinations, emphasizing its position as the airline of hospitality where passengers can enjoy excellent services at an affordable price.

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