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Thailand home to one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, according to science

Palaces around the world are of interest to both tourists and locals. From England’s iconic Buckingham Palace to Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle, there really is a palace in every shape, size, and style. But which palace is the most statistically beautiful according to science?

Interested in finding out, money.co.uk utilised the golden ratio to determine which of the world’s palaces is the most beautiful. To do this, they compared each palace’s dimensions to the golden ratio, a mathematical ratio which can be found in nature, architecture, and even music, that indicates a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition. Money.co.uk were then able to determine how close the palace’s dimensions are to the golden ratio – the smaller the percentage difference, the more statistically beautiful the palace.


Money.co.uk found that The Grand Palace (Chakri Mahaprasad Hall) in Thailand is the tenth most scientifically beautiful out of all those analysed. The palace’s ratio of height to width is 2.813, which is 74% different to the golden ratio proportions (1.618).
For more information on Thailand’s rankings, as well as graphics and illustrations, please see money.co.uk’s blog post: https://www.money.co.uk/home-insurance/most-beautiful-palaces

The world’s most scientifically beautiful palaces

  Palace Country Height/width ratio Percentage difference from golden ratio
#1 Topkapi Palace Turkey 1.572 3%
#2 Mysuru (Mysore) Palace India 1.690 4%
#3 Forbidden City (The Gate of Divine Might/Shen-Wu Gate) China 1.783 10%
#4 Schönbrunn Palace Austria 1.359 16%
#5 Neuschwanstein Castle Germany 2.000 24%
=#6 Imperial Palace Tokyo Japan 1.133 30%
=#6 Château De Chambord France 1.125 30%
#8  Palais des Papes France 2.158 33%
#9  Kensington Palace England 2.375 47%
#10  The Grand Palace (Chakri Mahaprasad Hall) Thailand 2.813 74%
#11  Potala Palace China 3.077 90%
#12  Umaid Bhawan Palace India 3.520

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