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Thailand Win more medals at the Youth Olympics 2018

The Youth Olympic 2018 Edition games were recently held in Buenos Aires in Argentina. The whole event was a cultural, educational and international event commonly known as Buenos Aires 2018. It took place between October 6 and 18. This was the first time the event has been held outside Asia. If you are into sports betting with Betway 88, we are sure you have already followed the event for a while now.

The Kingdom of Thailand was one of the participants in the event. They were able to make their country proud in various events including boxing and Karate. This came after the Thailand football team was saved from a cave. The youth football team got trapped in a cave North of the country. Luckily they were all saved despite one rescuer dying.

Thailand Boxing Glory.

There were six Asian countries who won the rights to participate in the boxing event. They included Thailand, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The competition had 55 men and 28 women who were going to participate in the event. This came from a tough qualification process which happened between April and June.

The first day of the competition saw Thailand getting represented by three boxers. Luckily they all won their respective matches. Sarawut Sukthet participated in the Men’s Flyweight (49-52kg).  He faced against Britain’s own Ivan Price.

This was a gold event which saw the Brit overcome Sukthet in the first round. This led to the intervention of the referee which saw Price walk away with the Gold medal.

However, in the quatre finals, Sukthet who is Thailand’s ASBC Asian Youth Champion had a match with Afghanistan’s 18-year-old Mohammad Sultan Naeemi. Sukhthet was able to knock down Naeemi twice in the second round. He won the event on a large margin which was a first historical success for Thailand.

This was not the and of Thailand’s winning streak. Thailand’s Weerapon Jongjoho is the defending ASBC Asian Youth Champion in the men’s middleweight. He had a match with EUBC European Youth Champion Naichel Millas who was the favourite of the match. However, Jongjoho proved fans otherwise when he knocked his rival in the first round. He won the key contest.

The women of Thailand also impressed during the competition. Panpatchara Somnuek represented Thailand in the Featherweight division( 54-57kg). She was facing Mexican fighter, Jennifer Yazmin Carrillo. The 17-year-old Thai boxer won the event by a unanimous decision. This was another gold in the bag for Thailand.

This was not the end of the kingdom of Thailand. In the evening of the first day, Thailand won another gold medal. Amichai Phoemsap who was participating in Men’s lightweight division(60kg). He was able to beat Ukraine’s Taras Bondarchuk. The judges saw that the Thai boxer had edged out his rival especially in the third round.

Thailand also managed to bag a bronze medal in the Men’s Middleweight championship (75kg).

Did you follow this event? Who do you think stood out? Let us know in the comments below!

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