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The Seasons Episode 10: Mangrove in the Rain

TAT Newsroom Short Documentary
The Seasons Episode 10: Mangrove in the Rain
Duration:  3 Minutes
Theme: Canal of Grove
Location: Ban Thung Taseh, Trang


When the rainy season comes round in July, the mangrove trees in Thung Taseh village in Palian district of Trang province are covered in dense foliage, forming a band of green that stretches as far as the eye can see.  The locals call this mangrove forest their ‘supermarket’ because it is where they can find all the raw materials they need in their daily life—for food, shelter, clothing and even medicine.

The mangrove forest of Thung Taseh village is a nursery and shelter for aquatic animals, which exist in abundance in the area, from the monsoon winds.  The mangroves’ root systems play a vital part in holding the soil together and enhancing sediment deposition, thereby creating more farmland for the locals.

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