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Tops’ Price Locks Save Thais 18% Annually

Tops, a food business under Central Retail, is creating a positive price-value experience for its customers by continuing the successful Tops LOCKED PRICE campaign. This major discount and price-locking event aims to alleviate the burden of living costs during economic fluctuations. Last year, the campaign resulted in double-digit sales growth and helped Thais save an average of 18% per year on living expenses. This year, Tops is offering even more value with the ‘Long Lock, Extensive Lock, and Greater Value Lock’ approach, allowing customers to shop a wide variety of rotating items every three months for a whole year. This includes a greater number of products, providing more value than ever to meet all consumer needs and ensuring customer confidence every time they shop. The nationwide price-lock campaign starts today and will continue until 27 May 2025 at all branches of Tops, Tops daily, and Tops Food Hall.

Mr Chakkit Chatupanyachotikul, Head of Marketing, Public Relations & CSV of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, said, “The LOCKED PRICE campaign is a crucial strategy for providing customers with a positive pricing experience. With a commitment to offering quality products at great value, customers can shop with confidence. The campaign received excellent customer feedback last year, resulting in double-digit sales growth and it has helped reduce living costs for Thais by an average of 18% per year. In the current economic climate, where consumers are cautious about spending due to rising living costs, value for money is paramount. Tops is continuing the success of the LOCKED PRICE campaign, offering even more savings and value by adapting the strategy to fully meet customer needs.”

This year marks the fifth year of the Tops LOCKED PRICE campaign, offering more value than ever before by understanding and addressing customer needs. A wide range of selected consumer goods ensures the best prices every time customers shop, helping Thais to manage their expenses under the ‘Every Day DISCOVERY’ concept through the following ‘locking’ highlights:

  • Lock 1: More Items — According to Tops’ data from last year’s campaign, in addition to essential daily goods, 53% of customers wanted a broader variety of products. This year, Tops has increased the range of products for discount and lock, covering all categories to meet shopping trends, including dry food, seasonings, rice, cleaning supplies, household goods, mother and baby products, health and beauty products, snacks, beverages, and many more categories.
  • Lock 2: More Variety — This year marks the first time Tops has offered the greatest variety of products since the inception of the LOCKED PRICE campaign. In addition to increasing the number of products, Tops has selected imported items from abroad to join the campaign, along with exclusive items from leading brands, to comprehensively meet all consumer needs. Furthermore, Tops has expanded its reach to all customer segments by offering shopping options across all formats, including Tops, Tops daily, and Tops Food Hall. This is the first time Tops Food Hall has participated in the Tops LOCKED PRICE campaign.
  • Lock 3: More Confidence — Customers can shop with peace of mind knowing they’re getting great value. Tops guarantees quality products at great prices, rotating new items every three months instead of locking the same products for long periods. This ensures a fresh shopping experience that meets changing needs over time, giving customers confidence that they will find a variety of products at affordable prices each time they shop, for a whole year.

“Tops is committed to delivering value to customers by offering quality products at the best prices. The Tops LOCKED PRICE campaign is a key strategy to build customer confidence, stimulate spending, and alleviate public concerns about the current cost of living. Tops will continue to create campaigns and promotions to provide maximum value to all customers, reinforcing our goal to be the Food Experience for All,” concluded Mr Chakkit.

Shop confidently without breaking the bank and save money on every visit under the‘Every Day DISCOVERY’ concept with the Tops LOCKED PRICE campaign, running now until 27 May 2025 at all Tops, Tops daily, and Tops Food Hall branches nationwide. For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, Facebook TopsThailand, or @TopsThailand LINE application.

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