Tetra Pak named as one of the Top 50 Sustainability and Climate leaders


Tetra Pak has been recognised as one of the world’s 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders. The food processing and packaging solutions company has been acknowledged for its commitment to sustainability, with a Bloomberg documentary “Pioneering a sustainable future” (accessible here) showcasing its fascinating journey. Tetra Pak Thailand initiative, the Green Roof Project for Friends in Need (of “PA”) Volunteers Foundation, was featured in this Bloomberg video, as an example of accelerating initiatives to develop sustainable recycling value chains.

The 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders project is the response from the international business community that demonstrates the desire, the leadership, and the will to take effective action in the fight against climate change. The films in the Bloomberg series focus on why sustainable business is better business for everyone, from the ground up — inside organisations, their supply chains and the communities that they serve.

The Tetra Pak video features interviews with members of the Global Leadership Team, highlighting how the role of the food sector in tackling climate change is becoming even more imperative. They explain why accelerating de-carbonisation and collaborations is critical to lead the sustainability transformation of the food packaging industry – addressing complex and multi-faceted challenges such as global warming, circularity and biodiversity…..