foodpanda Cares for the Community and Donates Hand Sanitizers to Visually Impaired


foodpanda, the first food ordering and delivery service provider in Thailand, donated 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to visually impaired people at the Foundation For The Blinds in Thailand under the Royal patronage of H.M. the Queen.The donation aims to help address the challenges faced by visually impaired and show a deeper commitment to caring for the handicapped community.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in a shortage of hygiene products for everyone. However, visually impaired people are severely affected by this as they have to touch objects and surfaces much more than an average person. For them, communication is done first and foremost using touch as they rely on their hands to measure spatial distance and to read Braille in public facilities. Expressing concern about this situation, foodpanda announced a donation of hand sanitizers to support the community of people in need.

“This sensitive time demands precautions, especially for the visually impaired. This is why we are donating the hand sanitizers in the hope that it will serve as the first step in safeguarding their health by taking precautions against the virus, ” said Alexander Felde, CEO of foodpanda.

This donation is part of foodpanda’s community support programme. Earlier this month the company pledged a 35 million THB budget to support its customers, restaurants partners and riders. foodpanda also collaborated with Getfresh by Dressed to deliver free meals and discount vouchers to medical professionals in 14 hospitals under the Department of Medical Service, Ministry of Public Health.