Heritage Thailand Foundation join hands with partners offering campaign to support public health volunteers fight against COVID-19


Heritage Thailand Foundation under Heritage Group, Thailand’s leading premium natural food and beverage producer, join hands with partners to offer Volunteer Supporting Campaign, to those who fight against COVID-19 while performing services with medical staff at local communities.

This campaign was established on 8th April 2020 by Varee Phonphaisan, President of Heritage Group together with Assoc.Prof.Dr. Duangruedee Lasuka, Nordic Walking Thailand (Chiangmai); Asst.Prof.Dr. Ploenpit Thaniwattananon, Faculty of nursing Prince of Songkla University; Mr. Sillapachai Fhuapayom, Nursing College of Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University; Somruedee Chatchavej, Professional nursing nurse of Vachiraphuket Hospital. The campaign was honored by Professor Emeritus Dr. Chandhra Laothaworn, Consultant of Drug Discovery and Development Center, Thammasat University to represent as a campaign consultant.

The Volunteer Supporting Campaign has opened for public donations to support public health officers and volunteers. The donated package is available at 100 Baht, consists of 1. Two rain coats 2. Reusable face mask 3. Face Shield 4. 100ml Alcohol spray 5. Healthy foods and beverage (2 bags of nuts, 2 cartons of almond milk, and 1 bottle of water) 6. Eco-friendly reusable bag. The 2,822 donation bags was distributed by these following local centers

  1. Volunteers at Tha Kwang Tambon Health Promotion Hospital, Chiang Mai
  2. Elderly Quality of Life Development and Career Promotion Centers of Tha Kwang Tambon, Chiang Mai
  3. Ban Tha Ton Kwow Tambon Health Promotion Hospital, Chiang Mai
  4. Nursing College Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University , Phitsanulok
  5. Ban Khlong Tambon Health Promotion Hospital, Phitsanulok
  6. Plai Chumphon Tambon Health Promotion Hospital, Phitsanulok
  7. Nan Hospital, Nan
  8. Public Health Volunteer Association, Nan
  9. Public Health Volunteer Association, Phichit
  10. Si Sunthon Tambon Health Promotion Hospital, Phuket
  11. Phuket Volunteers Khai Si Sunthon Subdistrict, Phuket
  12. Fort Suranari Hospital, Nakhon Ratchasima
  13. Maharaj Hospital, Nakhon Ratchasima
  14. Tham Phra Tambon Health Promotion Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani
  15. Sirindhorn Public Health Office, Ubon Ratchathani
  16. Songkhla Hospital, Songkhla
  17. Ban Thung Yai Tambon Health Promotion Hospital, Songkhla
  18. Sabayoi Hospital, Songkhla
  19. Public Health Volunteer Association, Pattani

The Volunteer Supporting Campaign has been done successfully with support from the donor partners and been able to assist medical staff and volunteers to reduce the risk of infection. This also gives them encouragement to perform duties and services to fight against COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand.