IMPACT visits the elderly center to sustain community developments under “Touching Heart Sharing Love” project


Khun Jintana Phongpakdee (2nd from right), director of corporate communications, leads team to visit the elderly center, Mitrapap Songkhro Foundation of Thailand in Pathumthani province found 58 years ago, and donate proceeds along with necessary items and medicines such as skin irritation cream to the foundation, where is served as a retirement home for ample senior women. Khun Auchalee Nateethamrongsuth (3rd from left,) chairman of the Mitrapap Songkhro Foundation who is looking after 125 senior women, gives a welcome speech and unveils details. She later walks us around the buildings to distribute lunch boxes to the senior women who are immobile due to poor physical conditions.

Apart from distributing necessary goods, we also want to promote good health to the elderly, and we ask Sports Club crews to illustrate easy-to-do workouts that require no equipment except a piece of towel, which we bring them aplenty. Trainers start off by a soft, easy workout to warm up and add a little more intensity to it as time goes by.

Truth be told, we thrive on the success of our business, but we never overlook the core presence of the community we operate in. Here at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, we work side-by-side with local business to produce great ideas and promote prosperity to the community.

In short, “together we shine brighter.”