Samujana supports the Samui Elephant Haven in feeding the elephants & creating a community farm

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Maew Suriya, the founder of Samui Elephant Haven’s parents moved from Surin Province to run a circus 30 years ago. Even at the young age of 7, it was Maew’s dream to build an elephant sanctuary. He believes that it will be a real haven for the elephants to roam free and live happily.Samui Elephant Haven is motivated by its mission to free elephants from a hard life working in traditional forms of elephant tourism. They also provide a caring home where the elephants can recover from the trauma of their past. They believe in this way they can help the elephants live in nature with dignity and peace.

Samui Elephant Haven is the most significant ethical sanctuary on Koh Samui with 12 residents and eight ‘foster’ elephants that live happily in their reserve. Samui Elephant Haven needs more land so that they can have complete security for the growing elephants, rescue more poorly treated elephants, and educate people about ethical tourism.

Due to the loss of tourism, there have been no funds to feed these gentle giants so we have been delighted to partner with Samui Elephant Haven to create a community farm, that will not only help feed impoverished local communities but the waste products from the staple banana, pineapple, and corn crops will, in turn, feed the elephants. Win-win.

We have donated an area to grow banana trees and grass to help feed the elephants at Samui Elephant Haven. During the Covid situation, it is a continuous financial struggle to care for the elephants. The new community farm project will help support them. It will also enable Samui Elephant Haven to reduce food costs.

Samujana’s Director, John Dopere is working diligently with his team to continue improving sustainability within Samujana. The new, organic gardens that are nourished with manure from a local elephant sanctuary are bursting with fresh produce.

For more information about Samui Elephant Haven, visit their Facebook page here:

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