Tops and FamilyMart continue their business with environmental sustainability by installing “Energy Efficient Chiller” with a new refrigeration innovation to reduce energy consumption

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Central Food Retail under Central Retail is the first to become a green retailer which operates its business under the concept of Better World to protect the environment, based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is committed to reduce its carbon footprints and energy consumption, and recently has introduced “Energy Efficient Chiller” at 777 Tops market, Tops SUPERSTORE, Tops daily, Central Food Hall and FamilyMart stores nationwide, with an aim to switch to 100% environment-friendly refrigerants, replacing ones that damage the environment and ozone layer.

Stephane Coum, CEO of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, which operates Tops and FamilyMart, said that in order to align with the UN’s SDGs, and to tackle climate change which is a result of human and business activities that emit greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming, the company is committed to play a role in taking care of the environment in order to show its environmental responsibility for a better quality of life for people. The company has installed “Energy Efficient Chiller” since 2019, and has invested 175 million baht so far in this project. At the same time, the refrigerants used are environment-friendly and do not damage the ozone layer. These chillers use a chilling technology that minimizes loss of cooling and regulates the temperature more effectively, thereby reducing electricity consumption by 35% compared to open chillers.

These energy efficient chiller at Tops and FamilyMart are closed chiller with energy efficient doors, which are different from traditional open chillers. These chillers are a good solution and meet the company’s commitment to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible. The switch to these energy efficient chiller offers many benefits:

Carbon footprint reduction: The company has reduced electricity consumption which contributed to greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2019, energy-saving chillers have reduced 10,237.52 tons CO2e so far.

Use of environment-friendly refrigerants that do not damage the ozone layer: The goal of the company is to stop the use of refrigerants that damage the environment and ozone layer. The refrigerants that the company will use do not harm the environment or the ozone layer.

Energy saving: Compared to traditional chillers, these closed chillers can reduce energy consumption by 20,479,138 Kwh a year compared to open chillers.

Consumers can get fresh products: These energy chiller with energy efficient doors can regulate the temperature to ensure suitable usage, keeping the products fresh.

Other eco-friendly innovations are also introduced along the process to ensure sustainable transformation alongside offering quality products and services, such as using solar energy, and reducing energy consumption by switching to LED lights in all stores.

Tops and FamilyMart are committed to their social and environmental responsibility, inline with Central Retail’s sustainability policy to make sure its business leads to a better environment and society in the long term, supporting the Planet commitment under the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Under this, there are measures to prevent and reduce the impact of climate change on businesses, society and environment, managing energy resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and managing natural resources following a circular economy model, and creating sustainability in all aspects.

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