Traveloka Ramps Up and Cements a Series of CSR Efforts in Singapore at the End of the Year

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Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp, announced various social initiatives in Singapore at the end of this year. Starting from early 2021, Traveloka collaborated with The Social Kitchen (TSK) for a series of social initiatives.

As part of this year’s SG Cares Giving Week, both organisations worked together to provide meals and Traveloka coupons for healthcare workers as well as the Upscale Employment Program. Apart from the collaboration with TSK, Traveloka also spearheaded the donation pledge during its 12.12 Deals campaign, working together with Blessing in a Bag to provide opportunity for the underprivileged children an access to enjoy various exciting activities, relieving them from the strained load and environment.

“We hope that our upcoming meal distribution program under SG Cares Giving Week can help
cushion the impact of COVID-19, especially for the frontliners in the healthcare industry who
have been working tirelessly to care for people during the pandemic. We are proud to have a
long-standing partnership with The Social Kitchen to reach our shared goal in supporting the
local community,” said Caesar Indra, President of Traveloka.

He also mentioned that as Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp, Traveloka is committed to
working with partners and stakeholders to build strong social capital at various levels. “The
pandemic has also immensely affected lower income households as well as the
underprivileged, so our collaboration with Blessing in a Bag will further raise awareness on the
plight of the children and youth from these families and we hope together we can all emerge
stronger from this challenging time,” Caesar added.

1,000 Meals Distribution and Upscale Employment Program with TSK Through the partnership with TSK, Traveloka distributed healthy meals and Traveloka vouchers worth SGD80,000 to 1,000 beneficiaries from Singapore General Hospital, Bright Vision Hospital and Kembangan Chai Chee (Marine Parade GRC) on 6 December 2021.

Further within the partnership, Traveloka has also initiated the Upscale Employment Program,
where Traveloka will be employing and supporting TSK’s employee with special needs for 3
months. “Traveloka firmly supports and believes in inclusivity, where everyone deserves equal
access to employment, regardless of their background or circumstances. We hope to promote
awareness and empowerment towards people with special needs through the Upscale Employment Program. No matter what their role is, we want them to know that their contributions are a valuable asset to any organisation,” Caesar Indra added.

“We are delighted to have another collaboration for a good cause with Traveloka. This partnership is aligned with our mission to go above and beyond in supporting the vulnerable communities. This joint efforts will not only provide the unfortunate with basic necessity like food, but also go the extra mile in supporting the TSK employees through the Upscale Employment Program, which we hope could become the industry example of the importance of promoting equal opportunity of employment and empowerment for people with disabilities,” said Avelyn Lee, Director of The Social Kitchen Donation Pledges during 12.12 Super Lifestyle Style with Blessing in a Bag
Still in the spirit of giving through Traveloka’s social initiatives this end of year, the company is
also pledging a donation of $2 for each transaction made during its 12.12 Super Lifestyle Sale.

The donation will be distributed to a charity campaign run by Blessing in a Bag, Give the Gift of
Space, where children aged 6 to 17 years old from Singapore’s most-vulnerable areas and
low-income families will be provided the opportunity to grow and flourish with the access to
enjoy at least 12 curated experiences and tours across Singapore.

“Children from vulnerable neighbourhoods face multiple challenges, further exacerbated by the
on-going pandemic. Our role is to make sure they have all the support and care for their
mental, emotional, and social well-being regardless of their backgrounds and circumstances.
We are excited about the things we can achieve with Traveloka’s involvement in the program,”
said Emily Teng of Blessings in a Bag.

This year alone, in partnership with TSK and Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood),
Traveloka has initiated various campaigns to give back to the society, impacting more than 7,000 beneficiaries in Singapore through the provision of meals and tourism experiences. A total of SGD35,000 worth of Traveloka Hotels and Xperience vouchers were given out through our initiative with Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood) in August. These activities are
part of Traveloka’s #WalkTogether Against COVID-19 movement, the company’s initiative to
combat the COVID-19 pandemic through joint collaboration with various stakeholders.

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