Tourism Authority of Thailand’s adopts online tactics to promote ‘Wonder Food & Fruit of the East’


Tourism Authority of Thailand’s adopts online tactics to promote ‘Wonder Food & Fruit of the East’ tourism activities in the new normal
to boost sales in products and gastronomy tourism in the Eastern region

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Eastern Region Office aims to boost spending on goods and services in Thailand’s Eastern region seafood tourism sector, as well as fruit produce by using online strategies. Offering exceptional tourism experience for travelers through cooking shows by professional chefs, live concerts by renowned artists, and special promotional sales in an online platform called LIVE On Sale. These activities are in response to the new trend of digital tourism and the efforts to revive the tourism sector in the Eastern region in the post-Covid 19 periods. The focus will be on the unique features of the region, ranging from fresh seafood, fruits, tourist destinations, and culture of the East. Strategically, the travel experience will be promoted along with safe travel measures and social distancing guidelines. Moreover, shops, restaurants, farmers, and fishermen will all benefit from these alternative sales channels.

Mr. Wiboon Nimitrwanich, Executive Director of Eastern Region, Tourism Authority of Thailand stated that “TAT’s Eastern Region realizes the great potential of the region and will forego strategic plan to revive the economy of the region by promoting gastronomy tourism of the East. The 9 provinces of the Eastern region are Chonburi, Rayong, Chantaburi, Trat, Nakornnayok, Prachinburi, Sakaew, Chacherngsao, and Samutprakarn. These locations continue to be popular tourist destinations due to the diverse nature of the places, products, and tour activities that can cater to diverse groups of visitors. Majority products that contribute to the region’s revenue are fresh seafood, local cuisine, and fruits. Since the beginning of 2020, TAT’s close monitoring of the impact of the recent Covid-19 pandemic revealed that fresh seafood, fruits as well as gastronomy such as restaurants and fruit farm businesses have been greatly disrupted. As a result, business slowed down, sales methods and service deliveries have shifted to online platforms in response to the disruption.

TAT Eastern Region recognize the opportunity to revive and boost the tourism sector in the region by hosting LIVE ‘Wonder Food & Fruit of the East’ via an online platform in order to create a new market for the business operators as in the new normal, breaking away from the traditional practice of holding events in public spaces. These new forms of sales promotion activities initiated by the TAT Eastern Region are conducted in compliance with social distancing guidelines in order to prevent and control virus transmission. Online activities serve as an introductory experience for returning and potential visitors before they resume traveling in the new normal. Visiting Thailand in the new normal context can enhance Thailand’s credibility and gain confidence from the visitors by exhibiting how they can travel safely, securely, and fun, while minimizing risk during their trips.

TAT has established the Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA) standard which serves as a standard and guidelines for business operators in the tourism sector at all levels. Service deliveries in compliance with these health and hygiene standards will create confidence amongst tourists that the standard is at par with international practice.

Viewers of the 3-day event of LIVE ‘Wonder Food & Fruit of the East’ will enjoy shopping exclusive deals and promotions for trips to the Eastern region. Special offers from 200 businesses in 9 provinces range from 30% discount from restaurants, fruit farms to Buy 1 Get 1 promotional campaign from tour providers, restaurants, fruit farms, and hotels. Viewers of the program can claim these promotions by 1. SMS registration or 2. Registration on location in provided forms.

Viewers can watch live streaming of the ‘Wonder Food & Fruit of the East’ via Facebook Fanpage from 3-5 July 2020 at 12:00-16:30. The programs are:

–    12:00-13:00 Live Cooking Show by Chef Gunn Sorawis (July 3rd), Chef Kaew Masterchef (July 4th) and Chef Pom M.L. Kwanthip (July 5th)

–    13:15-15:00 Live on Sale – special deals from business operators and giveaways

–    15:30-16:30 Live Concert – performance by Lazyloxy (July 3rd)), Somkiat (July 4th) and Non Thanon (July 5th)