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6 Winter Wonderland New Year Destinations from Skyscanner – that are only one flight away

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Skyscanner is promoting six ‘New Year, New You’ end-of-year winter destinations, just in time for you to plan a fabulous escape – irrespective of your budget.

These destinations enable you to plan your most memorable New Year celebration trip yet, complete with cool new experiences you can enjoy the snow. To help you with your decision making we have selected a series of snowy wonderland countries from all around the world, under the main Skyscanner category of “direct flights”, in order to facilitate and shorten the trip during the busy new year period. The trips are for all different budget categories and are from popular countries that Thai people are usually interested in visiting.

September to December is the busiest travel period for Thais, so be sure to get in early to the following destinations and to start your travel search with Skyscanner.

Travel to your winter wonderland destination with Skyscanner : starting at 5,000 Baht only.

1.Recharge your batteries and trek in the wondrous nature of Sapa, Vietnam.

When one brings up Sapa, the famous terraced rice fields come to mind, but for this particular trip Skyscanner would like to invite you to experience something new. This New Year we invite you to trek around this mountain village, soaking in the culture, lifestyle and natural beauty of this town in winter. You’ll feel fresh like new, like having recharged the battery of your life. There’s a cable car you can ride to the summit of Fansipan mountain. To top it all off, take pretty photos of the spectacular European style architecture on the lake in the epicenter of the town.

Skyscanner’s Tips : The coldest period is from December – January / You can use the “Find flights for the whole month” in order to find more affordable round trip tickets. You will arrive in Hanoi. (https://www.skyscanner.co.th/flights-to/han/cheap-flights-to-hanoi-airport.html) take the bus or an overnight train (1 night) to Lao Cai before continuing on to Sapa on the bus (1 hour) with spectacular views on both sides of the road to keep you entertained.

2.Experience the ‘new you’ by seeing the first light of the year at the Hehuanshan mountain in Taiwan.

Start off the year with a warm positive glow as you welcome the beautiful morning sun, waking up to a snowy white panoramic view of nature at the peak of the Hehuanshan mountain in Taichung, Taiwan. Then let’s go chill around ‘The Switzerland of Taiwan’ at the CingJing sheep farm, before visiting the hipster Rainbow village.

Skyscanner’s Tips : The coldest period is in January ( Climate check before traveling here https://www.cwb.gov.tw/eng/) / Fly to Taichung (https://www.skyscanner.co.th/flights-to/rmq/cheap-flights-to-taichung-airport.html) Take a bus or taxi to the Cingjing sheep farm and may we suggest a night’s stay at their guest house so you might take in the beauty of the farm. And the next morning you can watch the sunrise on top of the Hehuanshan mountain without having to rush.

Play in the snow with a mid-level budget with Skyscanner starting at 20,000 baht

3.Celebrate your New Year at a challenging world class ski ring in Sapporo, Japan! Go big or go home!

Try your hand at a challenging new year activity that you might not get to do very often; skiing in Teine Sapporo. The town is renowned for its Snow Festival and it was chosen to host many international ski competitions. The view is spectacular and the area is peaceful, especially during February which is the time of the big Snow festival. Don’t miss also relaxing for a day doing snow related activities such as cross-country skiing and snowboarding at Maeda Forest Park.

Skyscanner’s Tips : Fly to Sapporo touch down at Chitose airport, (https://www.skyscanner.co.th/flights-to/cts/cheap-flights-to-sapporo-chitose-airport.html ) the closest airport to the Teine area. Then, take a train to Teine in 45 minutes, and in no time you’ll be able to go skiing. Check out the ski ring’ time tables at https://www.snowpak.com/japan/sapporo-teine /

4.  Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Chinese masters, and explore the Huangshan mountain range in China, as an energetic start to the new you and the new year!

We assure you that you’ll be doing more than just following in their footsteps, because the Huangshan mountain range in Anhui province is an extraordinary place. It possesses the power to create new inspirations for travelers who visit. With its picturesque views of the mountains surrounded by a blanket of fog, as well as unique and beautiful granite formations and rare strains of pine trees, Huangshan is considered a world heritage premium destination. This include famous destinations such as Xidi village and the ancient city of Huizhou.  This destination has also been inspiration for major artists to create notable and memorable works of art – many of which you can see in this area.

Skyscanner’s Tips : The coldest period is January – February of every year. / Find the most affordable flights at Skyscanner. Fly to Hangzhou (https://www.skyscanner.co.th/flights-to/hgh/cheap-flights-to-hangzhou-airport.html) Then take a bus to Huangshan, before taking the cable car up to the summit.

Travel to your winter wonderland with a higher budget with Skyscanner : starting at 30,000 baht

5.Give yourself the best gift by traveling to your dream winter destination at Frankfurt, Germany.

Unleash the child within you and celebrate a fairytale Christmas like you’ve always dreamed of at The Frankfurt Christmas Market; one of the largest Christmas markets in all of Germany. Do your winter shopping for quality handmade products, sip the best wines, and let fine truffles melt on your tongue.

Furthermore, many historical destinations are nearby, such as the hauntingly spectacular gothic architecture of The Imperial Cathedral of St.Bartholomew or St.Paul’s Cathedral; one of Germany’s most significant political landmarks.

Skyscanner’s Tips : The coldest period is from December – February of every year. Find affordable direct flights from Bangkok to Frankfurt  (https://www.skyscanner.co.th/flights-to/fran/cheap-flights-to-frankfurt.html) at Skyscanner, at least 2 flights are available per day/ Check the dates for The Frankfurt Christmas Market at https://www.frankfurt-tourismus.de / Might we also suggest a sightseeing stroll along the banks of the Main, you won’t regret it!

6.     Find your heart’s rhythm with the eternal sounds of Salzburg, Austria

Break free from the mundane rhythms of everyday life and experience new tempos for the New Year in Salzburg, Austria; the land of music and the home of the one and only musical legend, Mozart. Visit the blossoming smiles of the flowers in Mirabell Park, which was one of the locations in the filming of the legendary musical classic film ‘The Sound of Music’. In winter, you wouldn’t want to miss shopping at the Retro market, and seeing ‘Silent Night’, the performance that recounts the story of many famous songs and symphonies. Another must see is Mozart Week, which is an annual festival organized to celebrate the genius talent of the brilliant composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Skyscanner’s Tips  : The coldest period is between December and March/ We would like to suggest that you travel at the end of January because, not only are the tickets more affordable, (https://www.skyscanner.co.th/airports/szg/salzburg-airport.html) but also it’s the period of Mozart Week, which is held between the 26th January and the 5th February

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