A Trip to Chiangmai: Must-visit places and Things to do in Chiangmai

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Chiangmai is a city located in the north of Thailand. Many domestic travelers and tourists love to visit Chiangmai many times in a year, just because Chiangmai happened to be a city where you can find all types of experiences there and it has its own unique vibes where you cannot find anywhere else.

Chiangmai, Thailand also considered as a well-known city as it is a haven for location-independent entrepreneurs. Chiangmai is known for its historic wats (temples), bazaars, markets, and lively nightlife. At the same time, this is where it gives you a pace of relaxation and chill to the max, which attracts tourists who love seeking to indulge in hedonistic dreams. Over 200 temples may be found throughout the city which is flanked by mountains and valleys.

Traveling in Chiangmai, Thailand is part of the pleasure and a joy, with gorgeous sights everywhere you go. Getting around Chiangmai is quite cheap and safe, it might not always easy for first timers. The lack of public transportation is a bit aggravating, but there are lots of other options to get you to your destination safely. Chiangmai happened to be one city that is super tourist friendly, people there are nice and helpful, and you can literally find information and tips for getting around Chiangmai everywhere. It is also city where you can easily stay on your budget no matter what location you want to visit, so that your vacation to this wonderful city is hassle-free and trouble-free.

Finding fun and exciting things to do in Chiangmai? After flight to Chiangmai are booked, surely, next step is you need to find things to do in Chiangmai and places to visit in Chiangmai correct? Here is your guide to places you should never missed when visiting Chiangmai. Places you can have fun whether you come alone, with your friends or with your family. Let’s see what are there.

First, Chiangmai Zoo is one of the most famous places to visit in Chiangmai where it’s houses a pair of cuddly two Pandas on loan from China name Shuang Shuang and Lin Hui. Chiangmai Zoo is a lovely and active attraction that is open all year. It has a woodland fertility, blooms, and rare Northern orchids. The wildlife attraction and learning center contains activities as well as animals from all around the world. Chiangmai Zoo located in Thailand is home to a diverse range of gorgeous and exotic wildlife, including endangered species such as pandas. The koala, meerkat, zebra, and penguin are just a few of the fascinating species found. Moreover, there is also an aquarium inside the zoo as well. You can visit Chiangmai Zoo during the daylight as a normal zoo sightseeing and the nighttime as an explore on night safari. The zoo itself is located in Mueang Chiang Mai district, Thailand. It is one of Thailand’s most attractive locations because there are so many activities to do and see.

Besides the zoo and panda zone, there is also the Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium with its 133 meters long walkway in Chiangmai Zoo where you can see many amazing creatures of the deep. This place is where you can enjoy a new underwater tunnel adventure with a fantastic diving tour to view the longest and largest underwater tunnel. Snorkeling Explorer and Scuba Explorer are two activities that can be done without going to the sea. What a great activity to do with your friends and family!

Here it comes to the most advantageous part to do here, at Chiangmai Night Safari. The night safari is where you can literally learn more about incredible animals and to see wildlife animals such as Bengal tigers, lions, zebras and more at night. You will be sitting on the trail and there will be a tour guide explaining and leading everyone to each station. Chiangmai Night Safari available from 6.30 pm. to 9.00 pm. everyday. Book a ticket for Chiangmai Night Safari with deal here.

Chiangmai Zoo Entrance Fee: Adults 100 Thai baht | Children (within 135 cm.) 20 Thai baht | Student 50 Thai baht | Senior are free of charge

Chiangmai Zoo Aquarium Entrance Fee: Adults 250 Thai baht | Children (within 135 cm.) 180 Thai baht

Panda Entrance Fee: Adults 50 Thai baht | Children (within 135 cm.) 20 Thai baht

Chiangmai Night Safari Fee: Foreigner: Adults 800 Thai baht | Children (within 135 cm.) 400 Thai baht

Let’s switch to some chillax place to visit in Chiangmai. Nimman Road or Nimmanhemin is a street where the number of tourists from various countries or even students in Chiangmai visit to have fun shopping and eating. Although at the Nimman Road doesn’t have as many attractions as Chiangmai’s Old City, there are excursions and fascinating locations to see. One famous spot to recommend you to visit is “One Nimman”, Chiangmai landmarks for everyone.

While many tourists visit local stores in the Old City of Chiangmai, Nimman is where the younger crowd and students buy at trendy boutiques and retail malls with entertainment venues. The neighborhood has the most up-to-date shopping options. On Nimman Road, these are the most popular shopping centers. You will find a variety of things to do in Chiangmai on Nimman road for both daytime and nighttime such as spa, beauty salon and restaurants in daytime and shows, music, dancing shows and bars all along the walkway at night.

Hopefully, this gives you a bit of ideas of how Chiangmai sounds like. There are so many interesting things to do in Chiangmai and unseen places to visit that you have to come experience it yourself. Last, but definitely not least, if you are now living or planning to visit Chiangmai, make sure to try to visit places mentioned above to fulfill your best trip. Don’t forget to share other about your experience and how much you love Chiangmai. Have fun!

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