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CEO of HotelPlanner on the True Effectiveness of Government Stimulus on the Hospitality Industry


Following the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, governments have begun unveiling stimulus packages as the global economy worsens, to provide relief to businesses, public institutions and individuals who are affected. Recently, the Singapore government rolled out a $55 billion Resilience Budget with the hopes of protecting livelihoods, help businesses overcome challenges and strengthen the economy.

While the budget offers much-needed relief to businesses and industries as a whole, the effectiveness and impact of the aid is yet to be determined.

Mr Tim Hentschel, CEO and co-founder of HotelPlanner is a veteran of the tourism industry and would like to share some insights on the effect such financial support has on the domestic and global group travel industry.

Mr. Hentschel is well-positioned to share his thoughts on the future of the industry, as well as how brands can innovate and stay relevant through changing tides and the recent uncertainties.

His company is the leading online provider of group hotel bookings and individual hotel stays worldwide, and is set to revolutionise the way Southeast Asians travel, book and stay with the company’s extensive industry expertise and robust travel technology with highly specialised AI.