Martial Arts Foundation Supports Underprivileged Children to Participate in Siam Cup 2022

Martial Arts Foundation Supports Underprivileged Children

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Children to Participate in Siam Cup 2022Fight For The Future Foundation, a non-profit organisation supporting underprivileged children through the world of martial arts, sponsored a group of children from Chiangrai to participate in Siam Cup Summer Edition 2022 last Saturday, July 30, in ShowDC Bangkok.

Held for the sixth time, Siam Cup is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu annual competition in Thailand. This year, a total of 59 teams from 29 countries participated in the competition. Participants were as young as five years old, all the way to the 50-plus age group category.

The delegation from Chiangrai came from CRT GF Team, with the youngest at age 5. Fight For The Future Foundation was able to help with travelling and participation fees.

Achilleus Ralli, chairman of the foundation, said, “It is so important to pay it forward and to help these children. Through martial arts, we aim to help elevate their life, give them hope and provide a way for sports scholarships to pay for their education. This is only the beginning months of our foundation, and we have many projects planned”.

Please contact the sports and lifestyle brands team keen to collaborate with the foundation.

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Edited by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)

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