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AIS wins a license for 1800-MHz spectrum strengthening its network, and being the only telecom operator that holds the most bandwidth from NBTC.

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AIS announces its success as being the only telecom operator that holds the most bandwidth from NBTC after winning a license for 1800-MHz spectrum at the bidding cost of Bt 12.5 bn. With the total bandwidth of 20 MHz in 1800-MHz spectrum, 40 millions of AIS numbers will have better experience on both voice and data services from the most efficient of 4G technology, also equiupped the company preparation to 5G and being more competitive in leading the digital life.

Mr. Somchai Lertsutiwong, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Info Service Public Company (AIS) said that Advanced Wireless Network Limited Company (AWN), a subsidiary of AIS has participated in the auction of a license for 1800-MHz and won a 1 spectrum license for (5 MHz) at Bt 12.5 bn. According to this success, AIS as the telecommunication and digital life technology company holds the most bandwidth from National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC). When combined to the spectrum roaming with TOT, AIS holds totally 60 MHz bandwidth for servicing. These 20 MHz bandwidth of 1800-MHz spectrum will be served 40 million numbers of AIS customers all over the country for better experiences on both voice and data through the most effective 4G technology. Moreover, this is also strengthening the fundamental of Thai telecommunication toward Thailand 4.0

“According to this auction, AIS has 20 MHz bandwidth of 1800-MHz spectrum. We are the only 4G provider having the largest contiguous bandwidth. This supports our customers’ better experience as well as strengthening the company’s position as market leader, including create an opportunities and prepare for 5G technology in the future”

Moreover, AIS wins the license of 1800-MHz spectrum at the suitable price with the most economical value for its network supporting the 4G growth. The added spectrum will increase more capacity from previously and is compatible with the company’s existing 4G network equipment on 1800-MHz. As a result, the acquisition shall help AIS save further investment in the long term.

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