Mae Roo Dee chatbot boosts online fact-checking to combat misinformation with 5 new strategic partners

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Mae Roo Dee, the intelligent fact-checking chatbot that connects over 50 million LINE Thailand users to the widest database coverage to debunk misinformation, has partnered with five leading Thai fact-check organisations as the fight against false and malicious messages increases.

Mae Roo Dee can be used to check suspicious messages in real-time and protect Thais from misinformation and scam messages. Mae Roo Dee’s partner databases cover a wide range of topics and news, including health, politics, COVID-19 and economics.

To increase its ability to boost fact-checking and identify suspicious messages, Mae Roo Dee has partnered with 5 leading fact-check organisations to instantly verify messages when they are shared on LINE chats. Anti-Fake News Center Thailand, Thai D.I. Machine, FDA Check Sure Share, COFACT Thailand and Spring News help identify health, COVID-19 related, financial, political, and general news, and share authentic and verified sources of information with users. Between 1 October 2020 and 30 June 2021, AFNC found over 20 million people shared disinformation in Thailand.

“Unfortunately, it has become easier and easier for suspicious messages and fraudulent news to spread online, and it is increasingly sophisticated. This makes it extremely difficult for most of us to identify when something is genuine or not. Mae Roo Dee is an AI chatbot that helps users by identifying suspicious messages in real time, and by partnering with established and credible Thai fact-checking organisations we are able to expand Mae Roo Dee’s capabilities and boost support for all users in Thailand,” said Titinun Suttinaraphan, Head of Thailand Marketing, Gogolook.

Mae Roo Dee can be used in 1-to-1 or group chats on LINE. Simply add LINE ID @maeroodee as a friend  and invite the Mae Roo Dee chatbot to your group chat.  She works by automatically comparing suspicious messages with verified and accurate information in a database provided by each independent expert partner.

COFACT Thailand is a Collaborative Fact Checking online platform that monitors information and news to find the common truth . Using  technology and principles of journalism to verify news, the platform aims to promote factual news in the digital age. The platform partners with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Friedrich Nauman Foundation, Thailand Creative Media Fund, ThaiPBS, Thai Institute of Justice (TIJ) and many more leading institutions.

Anti-Fake News Center (AFNC) is an initiative from the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, in collaboration with the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB), the Royal Thai Police and 200 other organisations, with the purpose of solving and preventing misinformation spreading online.

Thai D.I. Machine is a website that checks for fake news and can be used before being shared to slow the spread of misinformation. It has been developed by Chulalongkorn University’s Digital Intelligence and Literacy Research Unit.

Oryor Check Sure Share is a project run by The Public Consumer Affairs Division, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand, and the Ministry of Public Health, with the aim of reducing misinformation about health related issues and treatment among Thais, with particular emphasis on health products such as drugs, food, cosmetics and medical devices,  as well as dangerous substances for home use and illegal drugs.

Spring News has over 10 years experience of delivering news, and sees misinformation as a growing concern that can have a negative impact on society. As a media outlet, Spring News has a responsibility to investigate unclear data to ensure the public receives the correct information. As a result, the ‘Fact Check’ project was created to encourage the public to check information before believing it.

In addition to monitoring suspicious messages and news, Mae Roo Dee can be used to identify unfamiliar phone numbers by running a check against Whoscall’s global database of over 1.6 billion numbers, to check if the email accounts you are using have any compromised passwords with renowned data breach checking website「Have I been pwned?」, and to check the security of suspicious links. All of these can be done within the Mae Roo Dee LINE Chatbot account.

Mae Roo Dee is a free service that has been developed by Gogolook as part of its leading global fraud prevention ecosystem, which also includes  Whoscall, an unknown caller identification and spam blocking application.

Take your step to fight against misinformation today with Mae Roo Dee fact-checker. Search on LINE for @Maeroodee ID and add her to your LINE chats and groups.

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