MUT welcomes 2022 with advanced facilities at the new 180-million-baht MIIX complex to further its commitment to creating a new generation of engineering and technology innovators

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It has been three decades now that Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT) continues to improve and develop Thailand’s tertiary education to keep up with the fast-paced world and the ever-evolving industries.

At the dawn of 2022, MUT continues to further its mission and commitment in education with the development of curriculum and teaching model under Active Learning and Real Life Education concepts. The university also continues to support and encourage academic research by both the students and the faculty members to strengthen its excellence in technology and innovation.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Panavy Pookaiyaudom, Vice President, Policy and Planning, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, who is also the second-generation management and son of MUT’s founder and first dean, Dr. Sittichai Pookaiyaudom, says that 2022 is another challenging year for academic institutions, considering the ongoing and devastating COVID-9 pandemic situation both in Thailand and around the globe. However, Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT) is still adamant to further develop and drive Thailand’s educational system to create new generation of high-quality “innovators” to contribute to the country’s industrial sector.

As the result of the pandemic, during the past two years we have seen the world and everyone in it dramatically adjusting to the new normal. And now that the new normal has immensely integrated into our current lifestyle – whether it’s leisure, business, even education and so on – technology is playing a more and more significant role in our everyday life. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to understand the dynamic of the changes, especially ones that relate to the country’s business sectors and economy, to better cater to the labor market and allow students to pursue their higher education at the best and most suitable institution for their career prospect. Not only Mahanakorn University of Technology is constantly improving the learning formats and techniques to maintain both relevancy and efficiency, but the university is also improving its facilities. In 2021, we unveiled our latest facility, Mahanakorn Institute of Innovation or MIIX, to improve science and technology curriculums with engineering at the core.

“With our strong commitment to create high-quality engineering graduates to contribute to the country’s industrial system, we built up from the concept of MII that has been our students’ innovation incubator and development center with a 180-million-baht investment to create MIIX (Mahanakorn Institute of Innovation). Completed earlier in July 2021, MIIX maximizes the students’ learning capacity by combining academic knowledge and creativity that allow them to ‘Experiment’, create their own ‘Experience’ and ‘Expertise’ to form concrete, practical approach within the vision and mission to achieve ‘Excellence’ in technology and innovation.”

An all-new facility for integrated, active learning

MIIX is a complex that comprises numerous laboratories for diverse uses, including Robotics LAB with mechanical arms from leading factories such as ABB KUKA and Yaskawa; 3D Printing Room; Process Control and Automation LAB to produce drinking water; PLC Mitsubishi laboratory; PLC Siemens Programmable Logic Control room; and Advanced Electronics LAB that is equipped with specialized tools to measure electrical signal at unique frequencies, interference, electromagnetic field and wireless communication signals. There is also an Embedded and AI laboratory that offers students access to industrial-grade measuring devices, applied computer programs and system development tools to test, analyze and create inventions and innovations for the markets and the industries. MIIX is a facility that gives the students opportunity to practice with various tools, enhance their analytical skills, apply their learning to practice and build on their invention process.

Innovative curriculums designed for the future

In 2022, MUT is developing new curriculums in bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees, both in Thai and international programs. These include Bachelor of Engineering Program in Electrical Communication and Electronic Engineering, Automation Engineering, Industrial Engineering and many more. The development also expands to numerous investments, initiations, and joint venture agreements with various private and government organizations, both locally and internationally, such as Seagate Technology (Thailand), True Corporation, The Army Research and Development Office, and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

Raising the bar in academic excellence

In terms of academic collaboration with leading international institutes for curriculum developments, research support and faculty member exchange, the university set up Mahanakorn Laboratory at Imperial College London to facilitate MUT’s students and faculty members, as well as engage in academic exchange with University of New South Wale in Australia and The University of Sheffield in the UK, among many others. Throughout the decades, MUT is recognized for its academic excellence where every year 95% of new graduates secure jobs of their expectations. Both the students and their parents can rest assured that MUT is fully dedicated to produce high-quality personnel to cater to the future of industrial labor market, which is the foundation of Thailand 4.0 initiative that drives the development of the Eastern Economic Corridor to raise Thailand’s competitive edge for production and service sectors with advanced technology and innovations, Dr. Panavy concludes.

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