The app fueling human connections worldwide takes off in Thailand It’s ‘Nice to Meet you’ on Ablo – where sparks fly and meaningful first-time conversations are the norm

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Ablo – the social media app that is sparking amazing first-time conversations around the world and reigniting the power of the phrase “It’s nice to meet you” – has already shown an impressive uptake in Thailand, with 110K users taking to the platform in the kingdom alongside 1.5 million users in Asian countries.

According to Ablo’s customer insights, Thai users are connecting most with Turkish, British, Americans, Indonesians, and Chinese people, as well as other fellow Thais. Selected as the best application in 2019 by Google Play, within 6 months of launching, the app already had more than 30 million users in more than 233 countries and this number has only continued to grow in 2022.
What’s Ablo?

People want to connect in new and meaningful ways, but sometimes, the best experience of all is meeting someone for the first time that you truly vibe with. Ablo is the app that initiates these special kinds of first-time conversations between millions of people from all around the world.
On Ablo, most communication is done through messaging and live streams, and there is never a language barrier when people connect, thanks to the app’s instant translation functionality. With that said, people on Ablo don’t always have to connect with someone on the other side of the world; they can just as easily have a meaningful conversation with someone in their own country.
Ablo connects people from all walks of life and helps them discover what they have in common. Users can watch thousands of Live Shows that they can also join as a guest, or they can themselves even start broadcasting straight away. Streamers can talk to millions of viewers worldwide who connect with their content. The whole point isn’t about making new friends (although users just might!) but about having thrilling or meaningful first-time conversations that connect individuals not just with others, but with themselves. Meeting someone for the first time can be an incredible thing – Ablo enhances the magic of that one moment and then amplifies it.

A growing go-to in Thailand
Thai people, especially the social media generation, love to share creative live video content around their personal stories, this being one of the main reasons why Ablo has done so well in Thailand. The Live Show feature makes sharing user’s lives and stories seamless, fun and engaging – especially when there is no limit to who your audience could be. With Ablo, users forge meaningful connections and converse with each other on a range of topics and have fun sharing their thoughts with new faces, talking about anything as simple as their favorite recipes and childhood movies to sharing their biggest secrets they perhaps wouldn’t share with their ‘normal’ friends. But on Ablo, connection isn’t just limited to talking – users will find a myriad of creative ways to get to know each other, even singing in duets along to their favorite tunes!

Seeing how others talk, act and live is made more natural through the live stream functionality, and people can opt to engage as little or as much as they like. Live stream is one of the most popular forms of social media in Thailand, in terms of engagement and is also a top choice for content creators, so Ablo aligns well with how Thai youth are already engaging with others.

Who you’ll meet
The people on the app are curious, open-minded and love the feeling that sprouts from talking to new people. They love sharing their own ways of life, making new memories and they enjoy learning more about themselves through talking to other people. Ablo users have an open view of the world, and they enjoy browsing through all the different and vibrant personalities of life.
The app also feels like a safe, inclusive and nourishing space. Not only are the users open-minded, but the app takes great lengths to ensure users feel safe. Ablo provides a healthy social space where people can meet new people to experience meaningful human connections without feeling discriminated against or unsafe.

Meaningful, different, special
Ablo is not just a social discovery app that allows you to chat and video call with people around the world in an instant. It’s so much more. Ablo homes in on why we as humans seek to meet new people: we adore that moment when we meet someone for the first time that we truly connect with, and we suddenly remember why humans are amazing.
Users having a bad day can go on the app, have an amazing conversation and instantly feel alive and happy again. When we truly vibe with someone – we feel a rush of endorphins and a sense of belonging. We also learn more about someone else and, more importantly, ourselves.
Not a dating app – but romance is always possible
Being more about sparking that first time connection that brings about a warm and fuzzy feeling, Ablo sets itself apart from its competitors. Ablo was never designed to be a dating app, but this does not mean that users won’t stumble upon the love of their life. The focus is on creating new conversations that are initiated during livestreams. Whatever happens after the first connection is up to users – and with the way the app is designed, anything can happen.
What really sets Ablo apart from other dating apps, and cements the fact that it isn’t one, is the fact that users generally tend to stay on the platform long-term and use the app to continue communicating with the connections they have forged.
It’s well-known that users of other dating apps tend to take their conversations elsewhere after the first connection is made; with Ablo, users usually stay and continue their conversations, due to the engaging nature of the conversations their experiencing, as well as the fun and excitement they feel when using the platform.

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