The innovative startup business to watch! 24 FIX is gearing up to upgrade the standard of property maintenance service as the First Real “End-to-End Service” provider in Thailand.


24 FIX is gearing up to upgrade the standard of property maintenance service as the First Real “End-to-End Service” provider in Thailand.

24 FIX Co., Ltd, the property maintenance service has officially launched its new innovative services to improve the quality of life of people living in urban areas. The brand aims to meet the needs of the new generation with fast, easy, and convenient property maintenance services through various online channels allowing them to stand out from their competitors by being the first real End to End maintenance service provider in Thailand covering over 29 districts of Bangkok. Additionally, 24 FIX is currently working on expanding its services in Bangkok by mid of 2020.

The servicing group aims to elevate the standard of Thailand’s maintenance service industry to become the leading full-scale property maintenance service in South-east Asia. Furthermore, with the high potential of 24 FIX, they can not only support small property maintenance projects; for examples, repairs, electrical work, plumbing work, roofing work, paintwork or other adjustments but are also able to take care of agencies or large business organizations with a high asset value of hundreds of millions. 24 FIX has also expanded its services to home- condo inspections which are overseen by an experienced and certified engineering team, therefore, consumers can fully trust the quality of service provided by the brand and also ensure the safety of the property.

Their “end-to-end service” is what makes them stand out from their competitors. The brand oversees the maintenance starting from the beginning and is with their customers until the very end. The staff supports the demand for the repair work from customers, the price estimation, the choice of repair materials from reliable construction sources. The expert engineering team selects high-quality materials to meet the needs of clients. The team together with clients will set a repair plan to ensure the best quality of work is conducted in a timely manner. Additionally, the end-to-end service provider has also established a technician recruitment system to select the technicians who are most suitable for the repair job. All professionals are trained to repair and provide maintenance, as well as hold a positive attitude towards clients. The 24 FIX team is ready to take care of clients and ensure maximum satisfaction. With the measurement of repair work and the assessment of the service quality, clients can feel at ease with the brand.