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transcosmos releases “Automated Call Answering Service” with the power of speech recognition & intent inference algorithms


transcosmos inc. released an “automated call answering service” that utilizes “BEDORE Voice Conversation,” a voice conversation engine powered by speech recognition and intent inference algorithms by BEDORE Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director: Yusuke Shimomura; Parent company: PKSHA Technology Inc.)

Even with an increase in customers that use chat and other non-voice channels to make inquiries on businesses, the ratio of traditional channel usage like phones and corporate official websites (PC) remains high. With the aim of cutting personnel costs for call receptionist jobs and streamlining operations, transcosmos has developed “automated call answering service” powered by speech recognition and intent inference algorithms.

For the service platform, transcosmos has adopted “BEDORE Voice Conversation (*1),” a voice conversation engine powered by speech recognition and intent inference algorithms. Building on both BEDORE’s knowhow of automated chat and voice conversation that utilizes algorithms they have developed to date, and transcosmos’s knowledge of inquiry data analysis, transcosmos has successfully developed the service that responds to customer call inquiries automatically with a synthesized voice, thereby closing incoming calls without any human agent intervention.
transcosmos intends to offer this service primarily for businesses that receive seminar and event entry requests via call and for e-commerce and mail order companies that receive and place product orders via the channel.

In addition, clients can edit call scripts and scenarios, and modify and tune speech rate on a regular basis to run the Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) cycle to continuously upgrade the service. What’s more, there’s no need for large-scale development for clients to start using the service. All they need is transfer incoming calls from their existing interactive voice response (IVR) flow to the number for “automated call answering service,” then the service will be implemented and ready in a minimum two weeks’ time.

<Service framework for receiving seminar entry request (for illustration purposes only)>

By deploying this new service together with “DEC Connect (*2),” transcosmos proprietary API integration platform, clients can connect the service with their existing systems thereby integrating call logs with customer behavioral data on websites and LINE. Ultimately, the service lets clients run marketing campaigns based on all available customer behavioral data.

<Utilize customer behavioral data (for illustration purposes only)>
Based on call logs, the service allows clients to send seminar entry confirmation messages, follow-up messages after the seminar and more.

(*1) About “BEDORE Voice Conversation”
BEDORE Voice Conversation is a voice conversation engine that is designed to close call inquiries, requests and other customer calls on behalf of human agents. Unlike traditional speech recognition which can only converts speech to texts, the engine has the ability to infer user intention, extract only the necessary messages based on the context, and automatically adjust recognition errors to close the call. Users can download the call reception logs. In addition, BEDORE Voice Conversation offers voice data of received customer inquiries so that users can confirm the original inquiries if there is any inaccuracy in the voice conversation engine recognition.

(*2) About “DEC Connect”
DEC Connect is a communication management platform which helps clients communicate with their customers by suitably combining various communication channels including LINE and Facebook Messenger with clients’ customer data, purchase data, website log and other customer databases as well as with chat solutions like bot and AI. With this platform, clients can send messages to their customers and execute chat-based initiatives without any development. At the same time, its API based design helps clients drastically reduce man-hour to connect various communication channels as well as to set link to external databases and solutions.

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