Globalisation with a Heart Singaporean Philanthropist Kenneth Kam Delivers Keynote Speech at the Influential Brands 2018 Asia CEO Summit

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Kenneth Kam, Chairman of Kenn Foundation, delivered a major thought-provoking keynote address at the Influential Brands 2018 Asia CEO Summit on 11 December 2018. His topic, ‘Globalisation with a Heart’, was both timely and relevant to the audience of C-suite executives from over 80 leading companies in the region. In his remarks, Mr. Kam urged organisations to re-think the internationalisation or globalisation of businesses in a way that creates wealth for as many people as possible, not just the top 2 percent.

In his speech Kenneth Kam addressed the emergence of new global realities such as the rise of robots, the ageing and declining global workforce and rising income inequality which rendered the old order of globalisation unsustainable. He stressed that the next wave of globalisation must focus on building capability, capacity, and skills; it must enable access to opportunities and develop human capital. Kenneth called for all to act boldly and responsibly to shape the next wave of globalisation and rebalance its benefits to build a more equitable and inclusive world.

He also discussed what organisations can do for shaping future enterprises that will empower communities with opportunities, and ultimately create a more equitable society: “Given the emerging trends and realities, for companies to internationalise or globalise successfully, they need to do so, first and foremost, with a heart for social good”.

Successful internationalisation is about growing a global presence with local relevance, both economically and socially. Only with this new globalisation mindset can we, as leaders, meaningfully shape and grow future enterprises that empower individuals and communities with equal opportunities. Then and only then, can we hope to build a more equitable and inclusive world,” said Mr. Kam

On the same day, Kenneth engaged in a lively panel discussion with senior executives from Julie’s Malaysia, Jones Lang LaSalle Thailand and United Overseas Bank Thai. The panel touched on various issues related to globalisation. Kenneth also gave his views on the advantages of businesses going global, as well as the challenges of internationalisation.

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