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transcosmos and TEMONA co-launch “Subscription Commerce Operations Service” Using “Subsc-Store,” a cloud-based online shopping system designed for subscription commerce, the companies deliver complete services from order taking to delivery

transcosmos inc. and TEMONA. inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & Representative Director: Hayato Sagawa; Securities code: 3985) have announced that the two companies will co-launch a “Subscription Commerce Operations Service” to the subscription commerce market of which the health food and cosmetics categories that has been especially enjoyed huge success using “Subsc-Store” which is recorded that over 1,400 clients have been introduced.

Using order data in “Subsc-Store,” an integrated e-commerce platform “eCommerce HUB” flexibly delivers various types of bundled items. Ultimately, the service supports the marketing activities of the clients based on the customer’s loyalty level

“Subsc-Store” by TEMONA is a cloud-based system specifically designed for subscription commerce which provides all functionalities such as product management, order management and customer relationship management. With “Subsc-Store,” clients can not only configure purchase frequency and pricing at a granular level but also can bundle and sell multiple items together. In addition, “Subsc-Store” allows clients to set various patterns for shipping options, member ranks and more. Automating periodic order management and credit card payment process, “Subsc-Store” helps clients to meet the needs of each individual customer and increase its loyalty as Customer Relationship Management. What’s more, its “Expert Plan” enables clients to customize “Subsc-Store” to meet their specific requirements flexibly.

By seamlessly connecting data stored on “Subsc-Store” and “eCommerce HUB,” its proprietary integrated e-commerce platform, transcosmos delivers the best e-commerce one-stop services to each client that matches with their business environment and needs. The service covers from “Subsc-Store” implementation to business operations including product master management, order management, inventory management, shipping management and customer support.
Many companies have already decided to deploy the service.

■ “Subsc-Store” key features 
1. Order management: Automating periodic order management and payment processing and supporting three channels such as contact center, FAX and online.
2. Customer relationship management: Supporting a Customer Relationship management of clients to meet the needs of each customer with its clear-cut “karte (medical record)”, in other words, a readily understandable customer data.
3. Data aggregation and analysis: Enhancing PDCA cycle efficiencies by checking key performance indicators such as retention and churn rate.

■ “Subscription Commerce Operations Services” data link (for illustration purposes only) 

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