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transcosmos helps Ube city send “municipal information” and “child-rearing information” via LINE

transcosmos inc. and transcosmos online communications inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Hiroshi Kaizuka) began delivering “KANAMETO,” a LINE messaging tool, to Ube city, Yamaguchi prefecture (Mayer of Ube: Kimiko Kubota) on July 22, 2019, in order to assist Ube city in utilizing LINE.

Ube city released “Ube City LINE Official Account” (account name: Ube City) on July 22, 2019. Through this account, the city sends out information primarily on disaster prevention, administrative and events. Users can receive only the information that they need by selecting the type of information they want to receive, their residential area, etc. The city aims at making its citizen’s lives more convenient through the provision of various information.

Users can select and receive information on “Crime Prevention and Community Safety,” “Municipal Information,” “Event,” “Waste and Recycling,” “Child-rearing” and “Community Networking.” In addition, Ube city plans to send disaster prevention information to all registered users based on their school district. Going forward, the city will seriously consider the use of a “chatbot feature” to give its citizens ready access to relevant information.

With the aim of delivering disaster prevention and its municipal information to its local citizens of over 160 thousand, Ube city began sending information via its LINE official account. In addition, the city implemented “KANAMETO,” a tool which is equipped with both questionnaire and segmented messaging features, recognizing its various advantages such as its user-friendliness, usability, implementation cost and its abundant implementation record to local governments.

On April 23, 2019, LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; Chief Executive Officer: Takeshi Idezawa) announced that the company will release “Local Government Plan” for its LINE Official Account services and began accepting the applications for the plan on May 21, 2019. Ube City LINE Official Account is one of the accounts registered under the plan.

In addition to offering KANAMETO, transcosmos online communications provided support for Ube city to apply for the “Local Government Plan” whilst offering advice to the city on ways to make the most of their LINE official account based on its proven record in offering services to other local governments.

■ Comment from a person in charge of KANAMETO service in Ube city
To deliver various information including disaster prevention and municipal information to our citizens and visitors, Ube city began using the LINE official account on July 22, 2019. We knew that KANAMETO’s segmented messaging feature has proven record in many local governments. Highly recognizing the feature which enables users to select and receive information that they want and its established support network, we have decided to implement KANAMETO. We believe that transcosmos inc. and transcosmos online communications inc. will continue to develop and offer new features and services for us and all KANAMETO users.

KANAMETO is a LINE messaging tool developed and offered by transcosmos communications inc., a joint-stock company among transcosmos, LINE Corporation and Salesforce.com, inc. Equipped with a questionnaire feature, KANAMETO enables businesses to deliver segmented messages based on user attributes collected via this feature in addition to having one-on-one chat communication with LINE users. Through the offering of diverse services that range from LINE marketing to customer support, transcosmos and transcosmos communications help local governments and businesses communicate with consumers.

* transcosmos is a trademark or registered trademark of transcosmos inc. in Japan and other countries.
* Other company names and product or services names used here are trademarks or registered trademarks of respective companies.

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