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Transform Your Room with Jim Thompson’s Vivid Home Collection

Jim Thompson presents exquisitely designed cushion covers, blankets, and dining table accessories, using their heritage in quality fabrics and skill in contemporary design to adorn living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas of the most discerning of homeowners. Yet there is more than meets the eye in the design of each beautifully crafted item. Carefully considered color palettes within the collection can make all the difference to both the atmosphere and aesthetic of an entire design space. Jim Thompson’s home collection evokes the power to transform the perception of an interior space, and even affect the mood of its inhabitants.

The psychology of color has long been attributed in the world of interior design with the power to adapt the expanse of a visual space, as well as alter the room’s atmosphere and resident’s mood. The orchestrated placement of specific color design can change how information is received from physical cues, adjusting both perception and feelings within it.

Focusing on 4 prevalent colors, the Jim Thompson’s home collection provides powerful tools to arouse the desired atmosphere in a curated space.

Gold has long been associated with opulence and power, but can be over-bearing and gaudy. When used in moderation the color exudes sophistication without appearing excessive. With the correct use of gold schemes, the living space induces both sophistication and warmth. The nature-inspired Mulberry Tree Cushion Cover details an abstract gold embroidered leafy-tree pattern against a linen and cotton ground, lifting a neutral sofa or armchair with a feel of prestige and exclusivity. The Chenille Silk Blanket can be used to produce a similar effect in a soft-tone living room setting.

The color blue is often observed in corporate settings, due to its ability to arouse confidence and authority. With the right combination and correct placement, it evokes a clear-thinking, calm, and meditative emotional state. Placement of the navy Phoenix Cushion Cover inspires feelings of harmony and hope.

For those wishing to create a sanctuary within their own home, green can be the perfect guru. Trust in the qualities of this prominent natural color to open up an area’s space, infusing a refreshing and stimulating feel or a serene and peaceful quality, pending its tone and pattern design. It’s been scientifically proven to lower respiration and blood pressure, as green is the least strainful color on eye muscles. Banana Leaves Silk Printed Cushion Cover promotes relaxation in sitting areas with its calming, floral pattern. The Thai IKat Cotton Placemat & Coaster set with dark green pattern on pale background presents organic and fresh overtones to the dining room.

Particularly in Asian culture, red symbolizes power. Dark reds, with their passionate and daring allure, speak of intimacy, as well as stimulating appetite. In earth-toned shades and warmer hues, the subtle pop of red takes on a different feel with a gentle, brightening effect, uplifting overall health and mindset. Diamond Jacquard Placemat, with its bold brick red and navy blue in the Diamond Jacquard pattern, will not be missed, creating much anticipation from dining guests. In contrast, the Mandarin Eden Jacquard Cushion Cover brings a serene, well-being touch to any space.

The power of the palette and its mind-altering qualities can transform the atmosphere of an interior space. Bring the psychology of color to inspiring and unique design statements with Jim Thompson’s home collection.

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