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Greenbird strengthens landing infrastructure expertise with Skyports

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Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry collaboration platform, Greenbird, is pleased to announce the addition of Skyports as a founding ecosystem partner.

Skyports’ experience and expertise in vertiport design, development, and operations will underpin the advancement of AAM in Queensland.

Greenbird aims to facilitate, through industry collaboration, an attractive landscape for investment in Queensland’s AAM ecosystem. By bringing together diverse stakeholders from throughout the value chain and connecting them with each other and government, the various regulatory, operational, commercial, and social conditions needed for the AAM industry to flourish can be identified and addressed.

Skyports joins the platform alongside recently announced industry experts – Aviation Projects, Aviator Group, and Nautilus Aviation.

Managing Director of Greenbird, Sara Hales said “Skyports is one of the most credible and experienced organisations in the global AAM industry. Skyports has built vertiport infrastructure around the world and has participated in numerous best practice concept of operations and other AAM ecosystem development work globally. Skyports’ experience in multi-OEM operations is unparalleled and is a valuable addition to the development of Australia’s AAM ecosystem.”
“These aircraft have a wide range of capabilities, suited to a variety of use cases. Ultimately, Advanced Air Mobility offers progression towards the decarbonisation of flight and takes real steps towards ensuring improved equity of access to air mobility services” she said.

Head of Asia Pacific at Skyports, Yun Yuan Tay, said: “If Queensland acts now, they will benefit significantly by having a mature AAM ecosystem in place ready for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As a priority market in Australia for Skyports, we are honoured to join Greenbird to bring our expert knowledge and experience of vertiport infrastructure to this important consortium.”

Led by trusted airport and aviation industry advisors, AVISTRA, Greenbird is dedicated to facilitating the growth of the AAM industry in Australia.

Bringing together international expertise and knowledge and local supply chain partners, Greenbird will assist industry and government to work together to drive investment attraction, industry operationalisation, and local capability.

In a study commissioned by Rolls-Royce, Roland Berger found that when developing an AAM ecosystem, it is important to have an organisation in place which orchestrates industry and government efforts, in a streamlined way, towards a singular AAM vision (Roland Berger, 2022).
“Studies such as these further demonstrate what world’s best practice looks like in the development of Advanced Air Mobility ecosystems. It is encouraging to see that Greenbird’s approach is consistent with this,” said Keith Tonkin, Director, Greenbird.

For more information on Greenbird, please visit: https://www.greenbird.aero/

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