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AirAsia Bookings Jump for Chinese New Year!


AirAsia has revealed its Load Factor Average on routes to China during the Chinese New Year which has soared to 90 percent and has cast off concerns over news of an epidemic in Wuhan. The airline also emphasises its fuel hedging policy, securing at 60.2 USD per barrel for up to 73 percent of total fuel use to mitigate against fluctuations.

Santisuk Klongchaiya, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Aviation and Thai AirAsia, said for the Chinese New Year period this coming 24-31 January 2020, bookings have grown satisfactorily, especially on routes to China, which now have a Load Factor Average of 90 percent and are expected to reach a targeted 95-98 percent, at the same time assuring news of an epidemic in Wuhan has yet to impact travel to and from Thailand

“Following the news, the airline has been cooperating with Don Mueang Airport and Phuket Airport to implement checkpoints and quarantines for international travellers, checking, screening and monitoring as per safety standards. It is also following Ministry of Public Health and other relevant agency guidelines.  We have yet to discover any passengers with suspicious symptoms and continue to see a large volume of travellers. We will continue to monitor the situation closely,” Mr. Santisuk said.

On the fluctuating fuel price resulting from tensions in the Middle East, Mr. Santisuk indicated Thai AirAsia has prepared to manage risks and its capital and is exercising a policy to safeguard against swings in aviation fuel prices. For 2020, the airline has insured Brent crude oil at an average of 60.2 USD per barrel for up to 73 percent of its total fuel supply, enabling it to be confident that any fluctuations in oil price will have minimal effect.