NokScoot launches enhanced menu to enrich passenger experience

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NokScoot launched an enhanced in-flight menu with tantalising new meals to create a unique food experience in the sky. The debut of new gastronomical delights on NokScoot Café commemorates its introduction of new international routes and marking an endeavour to heighten passenger experiences.

At the centre of the refreshed inflight offerings are six hot signature dishes and a light meal to augment tasty favourites already in the menu on board Thailand’s leading medium-to-long-haul budget carrier.The new hot meals are popular traditional dishes of countries NokScoot has served and or those to be operated to in the near future.

“Call it an evolution of our onboard gourmet offerings as we strive to raise the bar of passenger experience” said NokScoot CEO Yodchai Sudhidhanakul. “What we are doing is to bring the most authentic flavours of our destinations onboard” he added.

The enhanced menu is a product of collaboration between NokScoot and its catering partner, LSG Sky Chefs Thailand, part of LSG Group which is the world’s leading provider of end-to-end onboard products and services.

“Our role is to make sure that NokScoot passengers can enjoy safe, tasty and wholesome food on board,” noted Luca Folin, General Manager of LSG Sky Chefs Thailand. “We believe that food is more than just a life necessity. With a little creativity, it can also be entertaining, surprising or comforting, and most importantly, it is a way to show you care,” he said. In the creation of new meal offering, LSG Sky Chefs has leveraged on expertise of its global networks of chefs, numbered over 700 worldwide, and who have in-depth knowledge of ethnic food preferences, he pointed out.

NokScoot, a joint venture between Thailand’s Nok Air and Scoot of Singapore, is gearing up to spread its wings to South Korea and India from its base at Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport. Those are in addition to China where NokScoot has an extensive network, Taiwan, and Japan where it has recently increased its flight profile to include Osaka on top of Tokyo (Narita) which took off on June 1 this year.

The seven newly-introduced hot meals featured in the enhanced menu are Massaman Chicken Curry with Rice (Thai), Korean Gicochujang Chicken with Rice (Korean), Murgh and Muglai with Rice (Indian), Szechuan Tilapia with Rice (Chinese), Teriyaki Tofu with Rice (Japanese, vegetarian), and Aloo Peas and Patan with Roti (Indian, vegetarian).

These six hot dishes are in addition to the all-time favourite Teriyaki Chicken with Rice (Japanese) and Beef Casserole Pasta (Italian), both of which have remained in NokScoot’s new menu.

Also new in the menu is the introduction of Japan’s Takikomi Rice Onigiri, which becomes part of the hot meals available for sales on board. Takikomi Rice Onigiri will enrich the Light Meal selections which include the most-ordered Chicken Ham and Cheese Croissant, Vegetarian Salad with Tofu and Grilled Chicken with Mayo Wrap.

All in all, there will be a total of eight hot meals plus four light meals in the new menu which can be ordered at least 48 hours in prior to flight departures and or purchased onboard subject to availability.

Complementing NokScoot Cafe’s menu are two choices of breakfast – Congee with Minced Chicken and Omelette with Chicken Sausage – and two Premium Meal Combo sets featuring Roast Chicken with Green Peppercorn Sauce and Seabass with Sweet Tamarind Sauce, all of which are only available by orders in advance.

An array of snacks, desserts, hot and cold drinks is carried over to NokScoot Cafe’s new menu for purchase onboard.

Mr Yodchai noted that passengers are encouraged to pre-order their meals to enjoy a wider variety of choices, ensuring that they are available for them, taking advantage of greater savings, enjoying priority meal service on board, and help reducing wastes. From the business perspective, the enhanced menu would help driving NokScoot’s ancillary earnings which constitute over 5% of total revenue, according to the chief executive.

Mr Folin stressed that food safety is a critical issue for airlines’ food and LSG Sky Chefs has implemented global safety standards which meet or exceed all government regulations, whether state, federal or local.

LSG Sky Chefs, with more than 70 years of history in Thailand, applies these global quality standards such as World Food Safety Guideline for Airline Catering and HACCP to every step of its preparations.Meals prepared for NokScoot adhere to Halal standards.

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