Common road fears and how to overcome them

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Car rental specialists have researched common fears amongst drivers and how they can overcome this.

Common fears include driving in the dark and in poor weather conditions like rain.

Other more serious issues the experts have considered are how to deal with a road rage attack and what to do if an animal runs out in front of the vehicle.

A spokesperson from said: “For a lot of people driving is a daily task that can’t be avoided. That’s why it’s important we address and learn to overcome our driving fears as they can occur nearly every day.

“You can’t completely avoid driving in the dark or in bad weather conditions but that’s okay.

“The best way to overcome these fears is to face them and of course this can be scary but doing things such as ensuring your car is in good condition and taking your time will hopefully ease some of those nerves.

“Staying calm is one of the most important things you can do, keeping composure allows you to keep good driving etiquette which is what will ultimately keep yourself and others safe.” 

1. Driving in the dark

If you live in a well-lit town then chances are you won’t be used to driving in the dark. The most important thing is to ensure that your lights are in good condition so you can see ahead of you. Keep your windows clean and always maintain a good distance between other cars. If you stay calm and take your time, you’ll adjust to driving in the dark before you know it. 

2. Poor weather conditions

Regardless of whether it’s pouring with rain, snowing, foggy or the road surface is icy, the main piece of advice for motorists driving in poor conditions is to slow down and avoid the journey if possible. Make sure your car is in good condition, lights are on and you leave plenty of stopping distance. 

3. Bad traffic

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic but for many drivers this can cause stress and anxiety, especially if they need to be somewhere. Stay calm, don’t weave in and out of lanes and use your indicators.

4. Road rage

Being a victim of road rage can be scary, and if drivers ever find themselves in that position then the best thing to do is stay calm, do not retaliate and drive away from the conflict if appropriate.

5. Running out of fuel

This is an easy fear to avoid – simply by keeping a close eye on your fuel gauge and filling up when it’s getting low. If you repeatedly run out of fuel you could damage the pump.

6. Animals running into the road

There is little a motorist can do to avoid animals – whether domestic or wild animals – running out in the road. The best thing to do is to keep a close eye on areas where you often see animals – there will normally be a road sign warning you – and to slow down.

7. Other road users

Being mindful of other road users should always be the number one priority on the road. Be aware of when they’re turning, stopping, speeding up or slowing down.

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