Great Wall Motor Celebrates International Women’s Day while Reinforcing ORA Good Cat Identity, Helping Thais Promote Equality and Empower Women throughout March

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Great Wall Motor (GWM), with the ambition to prosper alongside society and a commitment to becoming Thailand’s xEV leader, celebrated International Women’s Day with a special campaign lasting throughout March, helping Thais take part in promoting equality and empowering women through activities following the ‘SHE Series’ concept, which reflects the achievements and identity of the much loved pure electric car – the ORA Good Cat.

The model has created a pure EV phenomenon in the Thai market since its first launch and maintained huge popularity until today.

Organized at the GWM Experience Center, 3rd – 4th Floor, ICONSIAM, the International Women’s Day campaign welcomed around 200 participants in March. To begin with, ‘Break the Bias’ invited everyone to bring down the barrier of sexual prejudice by crossing their arms to make a statement opposing gender inequality. The activity was followed by ‘Girls, We Run the World’ – a charity walk-and-run that let everyone redefine inner beauty in accordance with the ‘She is Beautiful’ theme. With physical power and willpower expressed on the trails, participants accumulated a total distance of 286 kilometers. The number was turned into 286 eco-friendly and biodegradable sanitary pads, to which, GWM added 164 pads to offer a total of 450 pads to the Rachawadee Home for Persons with Disabilities Protection and Development (for girls), Nonthaburi Province. The donation was received by Ms. Witthida Ouitayakul, Director of Division of Welfare Protection and Development for Persons with Disabilities. The initiative is in line with the principles of the ORA Good Cat (100% electric vehicle) and its prominent features, providing smart and environmentally-friendly driving experiences. On this occasion, GWM also hosted a DIY sanitary pouch workshop for women of all ages.

The campaign continued with a potential booster in feminism: the ‘Empowering Women’ talk designed by GWM to befit the ‘She is Powerful’ theme while reflecting the way the ORA Good Cat has captured consumers’ hearts since its debut in Thailand. The event was led by Pearwah – Nichaphat Chatchaipholrat, a talented actress and singer who shared her experiences and talked about her successful career in the entertainment industry to spark inspiration among women of this generation, allowing them to realize their capabilities to reach their desired goals. The session concluded with a mini-concert, where the special guest entertained the audience with a range of popular songs. The whole event received overwhelming interest, resulting in 73 on-site attendees at the GWM Experience Center, ICONSIAM, and more than 34,000 views of the live broadcast on GWM Thailand Facebook – a beautiful and powerful success as intended.

The celebratory month for women across the world was wrapped up with ‘Be Better You’, a special workshop conducted under the ‘She is Wonderful’ theme. The session was designed to revamp every woman for better financial flow and fortune, resonating with how the ORA Good Cat significantly ignited excitement in Thailand’s pure electric vehicle industry last year. GWM invited Coach Wee – Sangrawee Mitprasertporn, the renowned image counselor, to provide tips and tricks on personality development based on different lifestyles and appearance, transforming all participants anew with confidence and readiness for new experiences and wonders that await throughout the year.

Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor (Thailand), said: “GWM realizes women’s powerful capabilities in social motivation. We are pleased to have provided to Thai people the opportunities to help promote gender equality during the past month, celebrating International Women’s Day with activities that reinforce ORA’s brand position focusing on women in accordance with the ‘Lady First’ concept and the ‘SHE’ strategy to differentiate ourselves in the automotive market. The brand has made beautiful achievements and taken the leading position in the Thai market since its first launch. In our second year of business operations in Thailand, GWM is continuing to create great experiences between consumers and the brand itself in many aspects following our user-centric approach while also listening to the voices of consumers through online and offline platforms to provide better products and services to everyone.”

The ORA Good Cat is outstanding with its ‘Retro-Futuristic’ design combined with innovative driving technologies. Its smart modular platform, the GWM LEMON E, is flexible and lightweight, offering advanced security and high performance. The ORA Good Cat deploys a motor with maximum power of 105 kW or 143 hp, maximum torque of 210 Nm, and a maximum speed of 152 km/hour. It is available in both 500 km and 400 km ranges. Additionally, the ORA Good Cat offers comprehensive convenience, comfort and safety through Driver Assistance Technology and Safety Systems. Its performance achieves the L2+ level in autonomous driving standards, with features such as Integrated Intelligent Parking (IIP), which supports three styles of intelligent parking, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Intelligent Turning and distant remote control via the GWM app.

As the ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’ ready to become Thailand’s xEV leader, GWM is committed to creating and introducing innovation in all aspects to provide better products, services, and experiences while always growing its business alongside society and contributing to the growth of Thailand’s electric vehicle industry in a sustainable way.

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