Great Wall Motor Responds to Excise Department Tax Scheme, Further Adjusting All Models of ORA Good Cat Prices while Offering Special Deal for Customers

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 Great Wall Motor (GWM) has responded to the government’s electric vehicle adoption and production policy by preparing to take part in the scheme and further adjusting the prices of all three variants of the ORA Good Cat following the excise tax reduction, officially being instigated on June 9, 2022.

GWM joined the initiative during its first phase in March and received tremendous feedback from consumers, with a total of 3,000 units awaiting delivery. This has reinforced GWM’s success in igniting the trend of pure electric vehicle popularity and carrying out its commitment to providing intelligent vehicles for consumers, as part of Thailand’s transition to becoming a sustainable electric vehicle society.

As the Thai government has announced official excise tax reductions for electric vehicles from 8% to 2%, the retail prices of electric vehicles participating in the scheme will be further subsided. GWM joined the initiative during its first phase to receive from the government a subsidy of 70,000 – 150,000 baht per unit (depending on car battery size) together with additional value-added tax (VAT) reduction privileges. Following this announcement, GWM is ready to pledge its full collaboration in the second phase and is pleased to further reduce the retail prices of all three variants of the ORA Good Cat currently available in the Thai market as follows:

  • Price for ORA Good Cat 400 TECH is reduced from 828,500 baht to 763,000 baht.
  • Price for ORA Good Cat 400 PRO is reduced from 898,500 baht to 828,500 baht.
  • Price for ORA Good Cat 500 ULTRA is reduced from 1,038,500 baht to 959,000 baht.

After the official excise tax reduction announcement, GWM will submit documents requesting participation in the initiative for the offered privileges and will acquire approval on the retail price reductions from the Excise Department. Once approval is granted, GWM will be able to sell its vehicles at the new price rates before commencing deliveries. Should any customers wish to receive the vehicle prior to the price reduction approval, they will be provided with the current price rates without the subsided excise tax.

In addition, GWM is offering a special campaign: ‘ORA Good Cat Special Delivery’, allowing customers who have booked an ORA Good Cat and are now waiting for their car, to have a prompt delivery with a shortened waiting period. (Delivery will be scheduled following the booking order. Delivery capacity is subject to models and colors available in stock currently.) However, those customers will not be able to enjoy the privilege of the reduced excise tax for electric vehicles from 8% to 2% – which is expected to be effective in the next 3-4 weeks. The process of approval should take approximately 3-4 weeks until the new prices can be officially offered to customers. A document of consent must be signed to acknowledge and affirm that they will not receive the privilege of the reduced excised tax. Interested customers can register at from 10.00 hrs. on June 15, 2022, until 23.59 hrs. on June 19, 2022. A fast-track delivery will be offered to only the first 120 customers who register successfully. (Delivery capacity is subject to models and colors available in stock.) GWM will contact all 120 customers who are eligible to enjoy the ORA Good Cat Special Delivery campaign within June 21, 2022.

Mr. Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director of GWM (Thailand), said: “GWM is ready to support the government’s policies and take part in driving the country towards an EV society following the 30/30 initiative, which aims to have zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) accounting for 30% of all car production in Thailand by 2030. GWM is contributing to Thailand’s transition to becoming the regional hub for electric vehicles and parts manufacturing by creating and developing electric vehicles and services from world-class innovations and technologies to serve Thai consumers’ diverse needs. We are building consumer confidence by raising the country’s EV ecosystem to an international level through the steady expansion and development of charging stations nationwide. Being part of the second phase of the EV adoption and production scheme will allow consumers to easier access intelligent electric vehicles that are clean, safe, and eco-friendly. The initiative will play a significant role in accelerating Thailand towards an EV society at the final stages.”

GWM continues to drive forward the EV industry and complete the EV ecosystem. The company has recently formed an alliance to develop charging stations in order to further fulfil electricity infrastructure through an MOU with three electricity authorities: the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). Meanwhile, the ORA Good Cat has received a warm welcome and gained unwavering popularity from Thai consumers, spring boarding it into the leading position in Thailand’s 100% electric vehicle segment since its first month of delivery. As of now, GWM has delivered 1,748 vehicles of ORA Good Cat to Thai fans while around 3,000 vehicles are still pending delivery.

As the ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, GWM is committed to providing products and services equipped with advanced technology and safety, and that are eco-friendly. With its readiness to continue its support of the Thai government and other stakeholders in Thai society, GWM is eager to contribute to the growth of Thailand’s electric vehicle industry and economy in a long-term and sustainable way.

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