Lights out, and away we go: what your favourite F1 driver says about you

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Controversy, appeals and scandal filled our social media timelines following title rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s race to the finish line at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

Lewis Hamilton’s ultimately doomed quest to gain an unrivalled eighth world championship when title rival Max Verstappen took the lead in the final lap, resulted in a war of words between fans of the two beloved men.

With followers of the supercharged sport defending their favourite driver, research from car rental experts at reveal personality traits of fans depending on who their favourite driver is from some of the 2022 paddock lineup.

The 2021 F1 calendar provided spectators with a record 22 Grand Prixs which saw the son of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher joining the grid,  Mercedes securing their eighth Consecutive Constructor’s title and Daniel Ricciardo winning his first victory since 2018.

A spokesperson for said: “Last year saw one of the most exciting F1 seasons to date and has set the bar high for the drivers in the new year.

“With such a dramatic ending to the season in Abu Dhabi, many fans have felt the need to defend the actions and strategies of their favourite drivers. This begs the question, does the driver you support reflect certain aspects of your personality?”

Lewis Hamilton, UK

F1 fans who root for Hamilton are often met with celebration and success making them trustworthy and reliable. They often surpass expectations and go above and beyond to get the job done.

Confidence and ability to speak out is also a key trait in those who love Lewis and have supported him through using his platform to speak out on social issues.

When it comes to competition, Lewis fans are super competitive yet humble in defeat, at least in front of other people anyway!

Max Verstappen, Belguim

Verstappen fans love taking risks, standing out and are not afraid to be the loudest in the room.

Following controversies (including the famous anger-fuelled push of Estabon Ocon in 2018), Max has prevailed and used his past defeats to push him further towards the top of the pack. His fans hold the same high levels of ambition and determination when it comes to both career and personal aspirations.

Daniel Ricciardo, Australia

Famous for his big smile and even bigger personality, fans of this ultra friendly racer know how to charm a room and make everyone fall in love with them.

Often surrounded by friends and family, Ricciardo fans are the go-to person when someone in their lives needs encouragement or motivation. They thrive in groups and are approachable extroverts.

Kimi Raikkonen, Finland

Quiet but super witty and able to light up a room, Raikkonen fans follow many of the same characteristics of the infamous comedian himself.

Introverted but with an edge of confidence, being humble is a huge part of any Raikkonen fan’s personality.

In competition, Raikkonen fans are cool, calm and collected. You will never see them sweat or feel the pressure in even the most demanding of jobs.

Lando Norris, UK

Fans of young Bristol-born Norris most likely have a screen time average of 8+ hours a day due to their love for social media and being sociable at all times.

Full of energy and keen to make those around them smile, Norris fans also have a serious side which is what allows them to stay so focussed and hardworking.

Carlos Sainz, Spain

Sainz’s adoration for Fernando Alonso from an early age highlights a high level of determination reflected in his fans, with many of them aspiring to be in the same seat as people who are extremely successful in their chosen profession.

Carlos has switched between four of the most well-renowned Formula 1 teams in the short space of five years. Fans of the Spanish driver show high levels of adaptability and loyalty in times of change.

Valtteri Bottas, Finland

Fans of the Finnish racing driver are not afraid of competition and thrive in one-on-one sports. Their ambitions to be the best will push them to intense and demanding job roles, however they prefer much more relaxed and quiet personal lives.

Often found on their own or in very small circles of friends, fans of this F1 star tend to shy away from the spotlight and any large events where they are expected to receive lots of attention.

Some F1 fans may not identify with any characteristics of these drivers in’s profile, which other F1 driver best mirrors your personality?

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