Volvo Car Thailand extends the “VOLVO APPRENTICE PROGRAM” technician development course for vocational students to train in a professional environment with scholarships provided throughout the entire course.

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Volvo Car Thailand is continuing its popular “VOLVO Apprentice Program” through a cooperation agreement with 3 vocational colleges, namely Siam Technological College (Siam Tech), Panjavidhya Technical Training School and Technicvithaya Vocational College. Scholarships will be provided until the completion of the course for vocational students at the Vocational and High Vocational level, with a total of 18 scholarships as well as opportunities for internships and employment as a future Volvo workshop technician.  This project is a continuation of the success of the first phase of the Volvo Apprentice Program, which took place earlier this year. Its purpose is to transfer Volvo’s advanced automotive technology to vocational colleges and encourage students to gain work experience in the field of automotive mechanics. Through a one-year internship with Volvo Personal Service (VPS) technicians at Volvo workshops nationwide, the program is also part of Volvo’s vision of giving back to society by offering new opportunities to the next generation of quality technician personnel and developing the country’s automotive industry in a positive way and in turn improving people’s quality of life today and in the future.

 Mr. Chris Wailes, Managing Director of Volvo Car (Thailand) Limited said, “Volvo Car Thailand’s first phase of the Volvo Apprentice Program in February-April was a resounding success. We have received a lot of positive feedback and thanks from both the faculty at the institutions and the students who participated in the program. The student’s gained knowledge of Volvo’s automotive technology and new skills through hands-on practical training in the Volvo car service centre all of which significantly increases the potential and competence of the participating students. This was the impetus for us to ​​organize a program that would help develop the next generation of technician personnel. We’ll be proving scholarship support until the end of the course followed by internship opportunities so as the students can familiarize themselves with the real work environment and from there move onto employment in our Volvo workshops. The driving force behind this initiative is to create opportunities for motivated young people right from the start, opening the door to a new career for them and a stable and sustainable working future. Our commitment to developing quality technicians will result in raising the standard of performance in the overall automotive industry in Thailand. Our approach is to always put people first and this program is consistent with Volvo’s philosophy of ‘People are The Core of Everything We Do’.”

The Volvo Apprentice Program is implemented through a cooperation agreement between Volvo Car (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and 3 vocational colleges – Siam Technological College (Siam Tech), Panjavidhya Technical Training School, and Technicvithaya Vocational College. Each institution will select students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and have good behaviour, divided into 3 Vocational students and 3 High Vocational students, totalling 18 students, all of which will receive scholarships until the end of the course. After the course, and upon graduation, the participants are offered a one-year internship at a Volvo Car Service Center as a Personal Service Technician to begin what could be a fulfilling career opportunity with Volvo.

Mr. Vittaya Santajit, Director of Technicvithaya Vocational College said, “The Volvo Apprentice Program is very beneficial to students, educational institutions and the automotive industry. It helps to develop knowledge about the new technologies of Volvo cars while also helping to support the education of our students through scholarships. We are very pleased to cooperate with Volvo Car (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in this valuable initiative.”

Dr. Napat   Panyalakshana, Director of Panjavidhya Technical Training School said, “This program benefits students by giving them the opportunity to truly learn Volvo’s automotive technology both in theory and practice as well as the opportunity to work for a reputable company in the future which will reduce the burden on the family’s finances. The college teachers who attend the training also received new knowledge from Volvo to pass on to their students as well. And finally, it’s also beneficial to the country’s automotive industry, as this project will be a model for cooperation between enterprises and educational institutions by providing training and development of new technicians and giving them the technological knowledge, skills, and professional ethics organizations desire to better prepare them for a future career.”

Mr. Sirichai Ratasukarom, Consultant of Mechanical Technology Department of Siam Technological College (Siam Tech) said, “The Volvo Apprentice Program and the scholarships they are offering are a good example of how companies and education can cooperate for the benefit of students. This is consistent with the college’s teaching and learning that focuses on outcome-based education in the field of technical skills and helping students to have a service mind, punctuality, and human relations and learn to respect elders so as they can work well with others upon graduation and be able to adapt well in workplaces. The teachers taking part also received training in modern automotive skills, this creates more confidence and proficiency in practical teaching. We thank Volvo Car Thailand for this program and look forward to continued cooperation.”

Siam Technological College (Siam Tech), Panjavidhya Technical Training School and Technicvithaya Vocational College completed the selection process of students who met the required eligibility criteria during the month of September. Next, Volvo Car (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will arrange interviews for all 18 students and will start to offer scholarships through the institution from October 2021 onwards.

For more information about the product and the list of Volvo service centers, please get in touch with the Customer Service Center 02-161-4144. You can view the latest company news on the website.

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