Orient Express, The legend back on track

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Carriage of the formerly known Nostalgie-Istanbul-Orient-Express in Poland Photo by Xavier AntoinetThis contemporary vision of luxury and extreme comfort will invite travellers to relive the legend aboard 17 original Orient Express cars dating from the 1920s-1930s, adorned with exceptional decor.

It will be an incomparable train travel experience, imagined through a contemporary vision of comfort and extreme luxury.” A Dantesque convoy brought the 17 cars – 12 sleeping cars, one restaurant, three lounges and one van – back to France. Entrusted to the best artisans and decorators specializing in their unique fields, this embassy of French luxury will unveil a set of absolute refinement, faithful to the art of tailoring.

This set of carriages, most recently known as the “Nostalgie-Istanbul-Orient-Express”, was a dream train cruise inaugurated in the early 1980s by the Swiss tour operator and businessman Albert Glatt and in which ran between Zurich and Istanbul. The legend continues almost 140 years after the first Orient Express luxury trains changed rail travel forever.

Maxime d’Angeac, the architect, says: “The rebirth of the Orient Express is a technological challenge, meeting scientific, artistic and technical criteria, where the entire project has been conceived as a work of art. Orient Express, artisan of travel since 1883, announces the return of its legendary train and a new and unique format. In 2024, just in time for the Paris Olympic Games, the first cars designed in collaboration with the finest French artisans will unveil the new charms of the Orient Express.

Under the name “Extrême-Orient-Express”, the train made the longest journey between Paris and Tokyo, stopping a few years later and disappearing. From the nuts and bolts stamped with Orient Express’ signature to the innovative concept of the suites, an exact science of detail will allow travellers to rediscover the great splendour of the Orient Express. Maxime d’Angeac with a new, crucial, and historic mission: to revive the legend by reinterpreting the decor of the Nostalgie-Istanbul-Orient-Express. During his research, he discovered that famous cars are surprisingly well-preserved. In 2015, Arthur Mettetal, a researcher specializing in industrial history, conducted a worldwide inventory of the Orient Express for the SNCF.

Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)

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