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Travel Transformation: EXO Travel’s 2024 Sustainability Guide

EXO Travel - LogoEXO Travel, renowned for its dedication to creating unforgettable travel experiences, proudly announces the release of its highly anticipated 2024 Sustainability Guide. This groundbreaking resource encapsulates EXO’s unwavering commitment to responsible travel, offering profound insights and practical advice on how travellers can positively impact the world.

“At EXO Travel, we firmly believe that every journey we curate has the potential to shape a sustainable future for both the destinations and the communities our travelers visit,” asserts Alexandra Michat, EXO’s Chief Purpose Officer. “Our 2024 Sustainability Guide is a testament to this philosophy, aiming to inspire our partners and clients while equipping them with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed, responsible travel choices.”

The guide commences with a compelling overview of the positive changes driven by EXO Travel and the EXO Foundation, highlighting their collective efforts in promoting sustainable practices. It then delves into the profound impact of travel choices, illustrating how mindful decisions can significantly contribute to a more responsible and sustainable future.

Central to the guide is a meticulously curated selection of responsible travel experiences across EXO’s eleven diverse destinations. Each experience is thoroughly vetted through EXO’s ‘Travel for Good’ framework, a comprehensive and user-friendly categorization scheme designed to simplify finding and selecting responsible travel options.

With the wealth of experiences and resources detailed within its pages, EXO’s 2024 Sustainability Guide empowers travel advisors to design impactful journeys that leave a lasting positive imprint on the world. From eco-friendly accommodations to community-based tourism initiatives, the guide offers a plethora of opportunities for travellers to engage in meaningful and responsible travel.

For more details and to access the complete guide, visit EXO’s 2024 Sustainability Guide.




Written by: My Thanh Pham







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