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Traveling with sustainability in mind: Practical tips

Everyone can simply contribute to environmental protection with small steps, also during the holiday. Whether it is plastic free snacks, a vegan restaurant, or the right sun protection – these practical tips help everyone traveling more consciously and more sustainably without any great effort. And many of them are also suitable for daily use.

General tips not only for your vacation

Often, the journey can be planned more ecologically: One could travel by train instead of using a car. Arriving at the vacation destination, one may take the public transportation or rent bikes. In many mountain regions coaches will take vacationers to central starting points for hiking routes, so no one must arrive independently. Another general idea is using digital tickets instead of printing them out, and packing shoes and laundry in cloth bags instead of plastic bags. When buying souvenirs, considering whether they are really useful and under which conditions they were produced is always a good idea. Hence, it is easy doing good!

Choose toiletries consciously 

I pack my bag and take with me… the toiletry kit should contain plastic-free cotton buds and cosmetics in biodegradable packaging free from micro plastics. Most Green Pearls® hotels provide sustainable care products which are either unpacked or refillable, so one must not bring anything. If one still prefers using the own products, think about soap bars instead of plastic bottles, as for example organic shampoo bars. Or why not simply manufacture care products yourself in the hotel? Once a week, theHUBERTUS Alpin Lodge & Spa in Oberallgäu offers workshops where guests can make natural makeup, which is bottled in glass vessels of course.


Become active

Have you already heard of the Swedish trend Plogging? Plogging describes joggers collecting trash on their run which one can easily adopt on hiking tours, on the beach, and on lakes – simply doing good by the way. If vacationers prefer to become active collectively, watch out for actions in the holiday regions: The Thai organization “Trash Hero” collects garbage from beaches and nature regularly. Some hotels also organize sustainable projects themselves: on the Maldives guests can help to afforest coral reefs at the Gili Lankanfushi, for example. Alternatively, one can gather trash on the beach and from the corals in the Resorts Reethi Beach and Reethi Faru on Reethi Day together with hotel staff.

Water consumption: what vacationers can do…

In many countries water is natural, in others it is only limited available. Therefore, everyone should handle the resource responsibly – also on vacation: shorten the shower time, for example, turning off the water while brushing the teeth or soaping oneself, or using towels and duvet covers several times. Most hotels offer to change towels only when required.

…what the hotels can do

Many Green Pearls® hotels have already intensely dealt with the subject water consumption: Thus, the Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen uses the shower technology of the NASA which saves 90 percent of water and 80 percent of energy, and besides, the toilets are flushed with rainwater. The Italian Relais del Maro relies on water-saving taps and using water for the garden and the pool from a nearby Artesian well. TheZeavola Resort on Koh Phi Phi depends on self-sufficient water supply and therefore engages in a sustainable water management. Hence, there are filter systems, which reduce the amount of water while showering, rainwater is collected, and even the condensation of the air-conditionings is used in the hotel’s water cycle. Additionally, recently various processing and bottling plants provide guests with drinking water solely “made” from the Resort itself.

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