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Traveloka tackles pandemic stress through its Take a Break Campaign

Good morning! Stress in our daily lives is unfortunately normal, and when you add a pandemic to the mix, that stress can become an ever-present part of everyday life. We’ve had to redefine how we take time for ourselves to unwind and relax as travelling out of the country, as Singaporeans usually do, is no longer an easy option.

To get a better understanding of how stress is affecting individuals during the pandemic, Traveloka conducted a wellness survey with Singaporean respondents. Through their research, they found:

  • More than 60% of respondents had felt their stress levels increase after the pandemic
  • The results showcased the top 3 reasons for Men’s stress were caused by financial stability (51%)longer working hours (44%), and limited mobility (44%). While for Women, the top 3 reasons stress were triggered by limited mobility (45%)longer working hours (43%), and health risk (42%)
  • 78% of respondents indicated their interest in getting some rest by doing a staycation in a hotel or resort with more than 3 days off to relax and unwind. While 53% of respondents also stated their desire to have fun at attractions and 45% of respondents looking for adventurous tours

The survey also took a deep dive into key demographicsareas and issues to get a better understanding of the mental health of Traveloka’s consumers and how Traveloka, as a lifestyle superapp, can better support its patrons. 
As such, Traveloka is introducing the #BreakawaywithTraveloka, happening from 2 Aug to 2 Sept, to encourage Singaporeans to give themselves a well-deserved through inclusive staycation packages and spend quality time with their loved ones. A getaway without ever having to leave the country! 
Traveloka has put together a Feature Article that further covers its findings from the survey, the conclusions they made and how this ties into #BreakawaywithTraveloka and their overall efforts to not only support Singaporeans through the pandemic but also support travel partners and vendors who have taken a hit in this time. 

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