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Traveloka Thailand’s “EPIC SALE” breaks new records for customer traffic and transactions across all major products

Traveloka, a leading travel & lifestyle experiences booking platform and one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Southeast Asia, confirms the record-setting success of its recently completed  “EPIC SALE” program in Thailand with discounted bookings that were accepted at high volume levels in several travel & lifestyle products including Hotels, Flights, Xperience  and Airport Transfer.

Some highlights of the significantly increased customer engagement and finalized transactions include the following trends recorded during the sale in comparison to the same period last year.

Sample Increases in Traveloka Thailand’s Customer Engagement during the EPIC SALE September 25 to September 29, 19 with “X Times” increase in Customer Traffic* and Transactions compared to same period last year.

*Traffic refers to all visits on Traveloka interfaces including desktop, and mobile app.

*in alphabetical order
(X Times; ie 8 Times)
(X Times; ie 3 Times)
Airport Flights 8 3
Airport Transfer 10 14
Hotels 40 7
Xperiences 6 10

Overall engagement as measured by traffic and transactions in several product  segments across all of Traveloka’s customer facing interfaces (i.e. desktop, and mobile app) increased during the EPIC SALE as follows; Airport Flight traffic increased by 8 times and transactions by 3 times; Airport Transfer traffic increased by 10 times and transactions by 14 times; Hotel traffic increased by 40 times and transactions by 7 times; Xperiences traffic increased by 6 times and transactions by 10 times.
Tee Chayakul, Country Manager, Traveloka Thailand said, “As the first EPIC SALE ever held in Thailand we are very grateful for our users’ enthusiasm and engagement, reflected by the record-breaking traffic and transaction figures. The EPIC SALE also served as an expression of our gratitude and appreciation to our loyal customers for their steady support over the years by utilizing Traveloka to discover diverse and rich travel and leisure experiences all over the world.”

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