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Truffle Extravaganza: Ventisi’s Thursday Night Luxury Buffet

In the heart of Bangkok’s bustling cosmopolitan expanse, Ventisi at Centara Grand at CentralWorld is setting the standard for luxury dining every Thursday evening. Offering patrons an exclusive rendezvous with the gastronomic world’s “black gold” – the black truffle and delicious buffet with International, Thai and Italian favourites.

 Under the guidance of Executive Chef Andrea Montella, the culinary team at Ventisi dives deep into the storied black truffle, meticulously crafting a buffet that showcases not only this ingredient’s profound flavours but also its adaptability across a spectrum of dishes. 

 The inclusion of black truffles elevates the culinary experience at Ventisi to unparalleled heights. Its distinct aroma and rich, earthy flavour infuse each creation with a luxurious depth, enhancing both the texture and taste of the dishes. The black truffle’s presence is not just an ingredient; it transforms every bite into an indulgence.

 “Working with black truffle is like composing a symphony of flavours,” remarks Executive Chef Andrea Montella. “Its earthy notes and intricate aroma add depth to our dishes. We invite diners to join us on a gastronomic journey that celebrates culinary craftsmanship through the lens of this exceptional ingredient.”

 From the tantalizsing Truffle Salmon Tartare to the sumptuous Beef Tenderloin Wellington with hints of black truffle to the rich house-made tagliolini adorned with black truffle cream sauce – the menu is a testament to the truffle’s renowned essence.


 Every Thursday, patrons can immerse themselves in a dining experience that prioritises the earthy and aromatic nuances of the truffle. The buffet is priced at THB 1,590++ per person (for adults, excluding beverages) and THB 795++ for children (6-11). And for those looking to accentuate their dining experience, a selection of drink packages is available, starting from a modest THB 149++ that includes free-flow soft drinks and available from 18.00 – 22.30 hrs. And if you still crave more, Ventisi’s regular a la carte menu, available from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm.


 The “Black Truffle Thursday Night Buffet” at Ventisi isn’t merely a meal; it’s a culinary journey paying respect to an ingredient that has graced royal tables and earned its position in the culinary hall of fame.

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